Friday, August 24, 2012

Guest Author Day with Yasmin Subha & a Contest

CONTEST INFORMATION: Leave a comment with your email address to be entered to win a e-copy of Yasmin's Wildfire. Contest ends August 27th. Winner to be announced on this post on August 28th.

Can you please share with us alittle about yourself?
Iam a busy mother of two children, with a husband who has got used to me sittingtapping away on my laptop. By day I sit at my job, all respectable and prim butby night I am imagining feisty heroines and sexy alpha males.
Iam a British author who grew up with a love of reading. Books created otherplaces, times and worlds to visit. It was the desire to try to write that sawme pen her first short story as a teenager. But then everyday life got in theway and it was only recently that I began scribbling again. Encouraged, orrather dragged screaming and kicking by my critique group UCW I decided to‘have a go’.
Myteenage dream is finally coming true.

What is your most interestingwriting quirk?
Hmm I do it best in bed!

Can you please tell us about yourlatest book(s)?
My very first release is calledWildfire and is released through Breathless Press.
Itis the story of Millie St Clair who has an encounter with a stranger. The nextmorning it all appears to be a dream until he turns up and whilst feelingthreatened she discovers a hidden ability. Millie runs to her grandma's homewhere she learns about her heritage and the reason why the stranger, Bradenwants her.
Iwill stop there and let the readers discover the rest.

How did you come with the idea forthis story?
LOL.Well it started on one bored evening when I was chatting online with myCritique group, UCW. All the ladies seemed to be talking about their currentWIP and I was just saying how bored I was. Cherie Nicholls, who is a fabulousauthor, set a five hundred-word challenge to include a carwash, a dress and a stranger.That was the start and once my friends read it they demanded more whicheventually became Wildfire.

Who is the one author that youwould love to meet someday and why?
Oh wow, that's a hard question.I think it would be someone like Shakespeare. He wrote such a variety that itamazes me!

What is the best piece of adviceyou would give to someone that wants to get into writing?
Readeverything, get involved with a critique group who can advise and cheer you onand keep going. Write for yourself and because there are stories in you, notjust to be published.

Can you share with us something offyour bucket list?
Hmm let's see, sit in a housethat overlooks a beach, wine on the table, with my laptop writing a newbestseller. Travel to Egypt. Have a famous chef cook for me….

What is in your To Read Pile thatyou are dying to start or upcoming release you can’t wait for?

J.R.Ward - Lover RebornJ. Lilley – Accepted
Piccatus Lore – The Power of Six
Charlaine Harris – Deadlock
OscarWilde – The picture of Dorian Gary

Can you share with us your currentwork(s) in progress?
Well I have just had a bookaccepted by Breathless Press called Guardian Awakening. It lends itself to asequel that I have drafted. I am workingon re-drafting before submitting it.
It is a paranormal romance. Itstarted off being about a Guardian demon in training who resents her heritageand seeks to be free. She is taken by the enemy as she is a valued prize. Butat that point the story changed focus and became about the man who kidnappedher and his the story changedfo heritage and seeks to be free,. It lends itself to a sequel that I have draf

If weasked your muse to describe you in five words, what would they say about you?

Stubborn individual exotic quirky loyal racy

Anythingelse you want to add? Links?

Youcan find me here:

Wildfire by Yasmin Subha
Breathless Press
Paranormal Romance

Braden has searched all his life for the one who will help himregain his humanity and give him absolute power. One bite and he knew Milliewas the one he had been searching for. Millie, a fiery red head is the last onein the line of high born witches who would rather die than give herself to thisvampire. After all he killed her mother for her blood as well, didn’t he? But in a twist of fate Millie learns too latewhat the truth is. But will death be the only thing that unites them?

You can find the Wildfirehere:


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Welcome Yasmin.I love your cover for Wildfire.

Yazmin Subha said...

Thank you for letting me come by and visit!

I love the cover too Dawn.

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Sounds like a fun read!