Monday, August 13, 2012

TOO HOT TO HANDLE by Aleah Barley

Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Date published: May 2012
ISBN 9781622669257
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via Publisher

Honey Moore walked away from Jack Odgen in high school because she was the granddaughter of a criminal and most of her cousins were like him, and Jack was from a very rich family, and destined to be a senator. Jack has always been strongly attracted to Honey although he knows she’s major trouble. He stole her heart so she stole his car. But then, she’d been stealing cars since she was eleven years old. Now he’s an LAPD Detective, an arsonist just burned down her house, and the sparks are flying between them again.

This is an excellent story full of life and energy. Honey is a wonderful heroine, vivacious, smart, determined, and at times quite confused and conflicted. Jack’s a masterful hero, strong, capable, determined, wedded to his job, and lusting after Honey so badly he can’t think straight. Many of the minor characters are excellently drawn, sometimes just thumbnail sketches, but completely believable and three-dimensional. Jack’s mother, in particular is a great foil for the action, and the scene where she opens the door is a genuine classic. There are some very clever one-liners in the story too, like when Honey swears on a stack of carburetors. And the scene at the party is truly memorable. Unfortunately, there were some well-known examples of bad grammar mistakes that dropped this book down half a heart. They would have been so easy to fix, that it frustrated me they were left to take the gloss off such a good book.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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