Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Truth or Dare Series Book 4
Publisher: Breathless Press
Date published: February 3rd, 2012
ISBN 9781771010443
Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn
Obtained via Self-purchase

Morgan Hawke was just fine with the way his relationship with Dan Blake was going. He enjoyed the little getaways, sneaking time in for one another in the shadows and didn’t feel anything had to change. Until Dan decided he wanted, needed more from Morgan than what he was getting. Granted the sex was hot and Morgan always felt relaxed around Dan but then Dan ups and tells him that he isn’t happy with how things are going and that he wants to go public with their relationship. Morgan finds out that when a Blake puts his mind to it, things change regardless of what the fall out is. For Morgan has to make a choice-love in the open with Dan or an empty life without him.

Lee Brazil has a unique way of creating characters that leave you spellbound until the end. With the right amount of angst, sizzling sexual chemistry and a few twists I didn’t see, TAKING THE DARE delivers a story of two people who have to fight for what they desire in themselves and with one another. I have to warn you though, TAKING THE DARE is a different type of story than readers may like. For one, both characters have issues, flaws and more that this author brings out with no punches pulled. These two characters are flawed in every sense of the word. Dan is manipulative, vulnerable and lost; Morgan a user and a cheater. You shouldn’t root for them or want them to find their own HEA but Lee Brazil does the impossible and he makes them likable after you see how these two got together. With each stroke of his keyboard, this author delivers two very life-like, flawed human beings who love one another yet struggle to make that ultimate decision for the sake of themselves and their relationship.

The story flows with ebbs and waves like an ocean and the reader is given a glimpse into the man Dan is behind the manipulative persona he gives the world. The one longing to have a love like his brothers have found. That one person to show Dan he is their number one person in their life-not the man who can give things to people, like jobs, a quick roll in the hay or a door open in Hollywood. The way this author delivers the hidden nuances with these two, left me reeling. I kept giving myself permission to hate Dan and Morgan but within a chapter or two I found myself hoping against hope that they got their own happily ever after.

TAKING THE DARE is more of two people announcing that “hey world, look at us, we are a couple.” It’s about two people letting go of their past, their fears and letting them trust in their hearts, that it would lead them to the one person they need in their life without fail. That one person they could count on, love with abandon and enjoy just being themselves with. Lee Brazil has taken the story of Dan Blake in TAKING THE DARE and turned it into a story that will steal your heart. But be warned, if you have issues with open marriages or cheating, you may not find this appealing to you but I urge you to read Dan and Morgan’s story with an open mind and heart. What may work for one couple may not work for another.

TAKING THE DARE is a wonderful sweet story that delivered a hard punch mid-way through with a twist I didn’t see coming. This author delivers a strong storyline for readers to enjoy with wonderful characters that leave you wondering if they really exist. I can’t wait to see what else this author has in store in the Truth or Dare series.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.

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