Monday, September 24, 2012


Publisher:   Avon
Date published:   February 28, 2012
ISBN:  978-0062068521
Genre:   Historical Romance
Book format:  Paperback
Obtained via: Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina

(4.5 heart)

As children Penelope, Michael and Tommy were the best of friends. Together they had all form of adventures until Michael went off to school. Penelope dutifully wrote Michael, filling him in on the events around their homes. And then Michael’s parents died. Slowly but surely Michael withdrew from the life he knew. Under the care and tutelage of Tommy’s father, Langford, Michael grew and learned a bit about life including one horrifically painful life lesson. He already knew life wasn’t fair—but Langford showed him how low greed will drive a man. When Langford wins all of Michael’s lands Michael vows his own form of revenge. Bit by bit he acquires all he needs to turn the tables on Langford.

Penelope has resigned herself to the life of a spinster. On the shelf at twenty-eight she’s rather relieved with her status until her father makes a rather startling announcement. In a twist of fate her father has won the coveted Falconwell. Twisting fate and tipping the scales a bit on his own, he attaches Falconwell to Penelope’s dowry. As word reaches the available aristocracy a quantity of eligible lords set their sights on the property; along with them is Penelope’s childhood friend, Michael.

Determined to not only regain his family’s lands but to exact his long sought revenge on Langford, Michael sets about to abduct Penelope and make her his bride. At first delighted beyond words to be reunited with her childhood friend Penelope soon begins to see the man he has become. Can an adult love heal the wounds of youth?

I have Sarah MacLean’s earlier books on my shelf to read and normally I read an author’s backlist in order.  This time however, I received an advanced review copy of Ms. MacLean’s ONE GOOD EARL DESERVES A LOVER, book 2 of her Rules of Scoundrels series and moved ahead in the backlist to book 1, A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME. She was a new author to me but within the first few chapters of A ROGUE BY ANY OTHER NAME she quickly moved to my auto-read list.  Over the years I’ve heard a few authors described with a “refreshing new voice” and Sarah MacLean is that and more.  Her characters turn phrases with wit and vibrant emotion. The flow from inner most thoughts to dialogue are done with style and while if done wrong can be a distraction pulling the reader out of the story, Ms. MacLean does it brilliantly.

There is some marvelous humor, heart wrenching sorrow and passionate love scenes.  There were times I wanted to reach into the pages and comfort the boy Michael was—and readers have a wonderful visual of him through Penelope’s letters to him interspersed throughout the story.

If you haven’t tried a Sarah MacLean book you don’t know what you are missing. 

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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