Sunday, September 9, 2012

GIVING UP by Lee Brazil

Truth or Dare Series, Book 3
Publisher: Breathless Press
Date published: August 5th, 2011
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Obtained by Self-Purchase
Reviewed by Dawn

Brandon Blake has raised his brother and yes, he is a quite a control freak. He freely admits it. But when he is forced to release said control over his life and by extension, his brother’s lives, he finds it harder than he expected. So after seeing Dr. Arden Grey, he tries to learn techniques to help him let go that control and in the process finds he is much calmer when he is with his therapist. Except Arden doesn’t want to be just his therapist anymore. She longs to show Brandon that giving up control isn’t something to be afraid of at all. When all is said & done, can these two people find a way to let the control they have hung on to and let their hearts guide them to the love just waiting to be grabbed?

When I first saw that the next Truth or Dare book was a heterosexual story, I was a little dismayed at first. I loved Keeping House and Telling the Truth (Books 1 &2 in series) and was intrigued to see if Brandon, the Blake siblings’ older brother would be able to find his own happily ever after. Lee Brazil delivers a story that is part sexy as sin and also heartwarming as well. With each page, I was drawn into this story, full of passion, control, and more. The author does an amazing job in creating two very strong willed characters who find that losing control with one another is the best thing they can do. The story dips, curves, tosses a few twists in and more and within a matter of a chapter or two, you are drawn into this world without you even knowing it.

Meet Brandon Blake. The Blake Siblings’ older brother, who promised his mother to take care of them and by god he did. He raised them, pushed them and meddled in their lives until the day they turned around and told him to knock it off. Then is when Brandon saw that being in control at all times isn’t quite a good thing. For one it can mess with your health. So meeting with therapist Dr. Arden Grey, Brandon hoped to find a way to let go of the control and breathe a little easier. When I first met Brandon, I was wondering if he would ever lighten up. When I saw his story was next I was intrigued to see what Mr. Brazil would put him through. Even though this is a heterosexual (M/F) story, it worked perfectly in the series. Brandon Blake is the oldest brother, the one who raised his siblings after his mother’s death and has put a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders-even when he doesn’t need to. He meddles in his brother’s lives like all older siblings do and I found that when he learned to relax, let someone else take charge, Brandon was an enjoyable gent. The secondary characters keep the story flowing nicely and I loved seeing the rest of the Blake Brothers plus meeting Arden’s brother and secretary.

GIVING UP is a wonderful addition to the Truth or Dare series and Lee Brazil does a wonderful job in giving this Blake brother a woman who can make Brandon relax, enjoy life and not worry too much about everything he cannot control. Lee Brazil does an amazing job in creating this story and I am eager to see what the other Blake brothers, who didn’t get a dare, will do when they are next in Truth or Dare. If you enjoy stories that are strong on family, love and maybe a little risqué on the side, then grab Lee Brazil’s Truth or Dare series. Each one is like a decadent piece of Belgian chocolate that melts in your mouth and leaves you reaching for more.


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