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A Novel of the Monere, Book 5
Publisher: Berkley Sensation
Date published: April 15th, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-425-23894-3

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Mona Lisa is a Monere, a child of the moon and a woman who has no memory of who she is. Believing that Roberto Carderas is her lover and protector, she thwarts every attempt to rescue her from his clutches. But things are not all as it seems and with this game Roberto is playing, Mona Lisa is about to find out that the truth of her past is about to collide with her present in ways that will shock her. For Dante, her Demon Prince lover, is determined to restore her memories of her past, of their love for one another for Roberto is devising a dangerous scheme that will kill anyone in its path.

I haven’t read too many of these books lately but when I started reading MONA LISA ECLIPSING, I got so lost in the pages of the book that I was determined to see what happens for Mona Lisa and Dante to the very end. Sunny is a talented author who knows how to draw her readers in, captivating them till the very end. The storyline continues where Mona Lisa Darkening left off and it definitely keeps you enthralled. The sex scenes are sprinkled throughout though it does not distract the reader at all. I really liked that part of it. This author made sure the sex scenes were part of something natural to the main characters and it conveyed it perfectly, even as I fanned my face a from all the blushing I was doing.

This author’s world building is phenomenal. The growing cast of characters is a testament of her knowledge of this world she has created. All the characters-main and secondary-are well written and I felt they could have stepped off the pages at any time to chat with me. There are a few plot twists that keep the reader intrigued and I was on the edge of my seat once the storyline got moving. If you haven’t grabbed this book or are a new reader to it, then I urge you to run-don’t-walk-to grab it. This is one series I am always anticipating the next book. The author, Sunny, delivers another spellbinding story in her acclaimed Monere series to enjoy. Now the question is-how long till the next one comes out?

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