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A Seven Days Story, book 2
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: July 15th, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-61372-544-3
Contemporary M/M
Obtained by publisher
Reviewed by Dawn

Seven days….a person’s life can change in a blink of an eye so why not in seven? For Donald ‘Donny’ Pottier and Jason ‘Jay’ Greene, finding one another when they were just kids and a love for crabbing leads them to a friendship that spanned years and a love that renewed itself each summer when Jason came back to Chincoteague Island, Virginia, for the summer. But when that love is torn from them both, each will find the strength to go on even as their blossoming love holds patiently in their hearts for the right time to come out again. Pain, loss, sickness and more define these two in the eleven years where they miraculously find one another but by next daylight; it’s lost as fate leads them on a journey that takes them from boys to men, learning as they grow up, go to college and find out what life has in store for them.

Andrew Grey is a marvelous storyteller, who delivers something more with each new book he churns out. As a fan since the very first book I picked up of his, I have marveled at how this author delves into each story, letting his characters shine-warts and all, to letting the story steal a reader away so much so that they blink when they turn that last page and find it’s the wee hours of the morning. This is an author who knows how to tell a story that his fans clamor for more with each release. His stories are character driven and for me, it’s a perfect blend of storytelling and a cast of wonderful characters that leaves me breathless. In his follow up to Seven Days, we meet two people who become friends then something more but as we all know life can take turns we least expect and as we read Jason and Donny’s story, the reader is taken on the journey with them, fighting back tears, enjoying the smiles and reveling in the love that has begun between them. The story is more than two people falling in love, it’s about finding the strength to go on, even when you feel like the world just won’t give you a break, when life hands you a detour you sure in hell were not expecting and though you grumble and complain, you go on this path to find that you are stronger than you think, that yes, you can do this. Andrew Grey delivers a strong story that is emotional at times so much so I almost tossed my e-reader across the room as I growled, laughed, smiled and rooted for these two wonderful characters to finally-FINALLY-get their happily ever after.

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is a story that will take you on a journey as you read Jason and Donny’s story and find yourself rooting for these two, as they found life isn’t always smooth sailing and blue skies, that yes there are dips and turns you never anticipate or even want to experience but in the end, it makes you stronger, makes you appreciate what you have in life even as you want to rail at the injustice of it all. The way Jason touches and influences Donny’s life even when they are separated by years & distances left me breathless. You could see how powerful this was as well as emotional. Here was a young man who was determined to show Donny that the world is his to take. With each page, the reader is drawn into the story, weeping one minute as life throws a curveball you don’t see coming to the sheer joy of when these two find one another again. Andrew Grey pulls no punches in this story of a love so complex yet so simple-it brings you to your knees many times over. I ran the gauntlet of emotions with this one-laughing, crying, cheering, sobbing-so much so I went through two Kleenex boxes in one sitting while I read this one and as I turned that last page, I felt simple joy as these two wonderful characters found that though life can beat you down and take you down paths you may never want to wish upon your worst enemy, you will find the strength to live it and move on because love in all its many faceted forms, is the purest emotion a person can experience. From lost love to rekindled love, to learning to let go of the hurt and disillusion and letting your heart heal after losing the one good thing in your life. To letting love go so it can come back to you-stronger, deeper and worth more than the biggest diamond in the world. This is what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is when two hearts are finally together, after all the detours, the heartbreaks and the tears, so that you both can smile at one another, take each other’s hand and let yourself just be still, safe in the arms of that love. Andrew Grey delivers that and more in his latest Seven Days story and I highly recommend that you have Kleenex on hand because you will need it while you read this one.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this or the first book, Seven Days, then please run-don’t walk-to grab it and then settle in for an adventure of a lifetime. Because when you open an Andrew Grey book, you find yourself on a journey that will take you places and will steal your heart.


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