Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Spy Games #1
Publisher: Wild Rose Press
Date published: August 2012
ISBN 978-1-61217-540-9
Erotic Romance
Reviewed by T. Barringer
Obtained via:  publisher

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Mia Downing’s TRAINED FOR SEDUCTION, the first book in her Spy Games series, is an erotic romance set in a world of spies, deceit and danger.

Emma Walters has lived a very sheltered life as daughter to a crazy scientist.  When her father decides to sell bombs to the wrong people, Chase Sanders is put on the case.  He ends up nearly seducing the young and na├»ve Emma before she knocks him out and runs.  After a month on the run, Emma is caught and forced to become a spy herself in order to stay out of prison (though why she would be going to prison when it was her father that was under investigation is a big unknown to this reader).  Now she finds out that her new boss is the very man she knocked unconscious and ran from.  And to top it all off, Emma is tasked with taking lessons in seduction from Chase in order to prepare her for a mission she may not return from.

Mia Downing’s TRAINED FOR SEDUCTION is part spy story, part erotic romance.  If this story was solely a spy novel, there would be some obvious problem areas (Emma being forced to be a spy or go to prison for crimes her father is accused of being the first one).  But Wild Rose Press has wisely marketed this story as erotic romance, so a little stretch of reality really isn’t a big problem.  So Chase has to take Emma’s virginity and teach her the art of seduction so she can “perform” well enough on her mission to perhaps come back alive.  Okay.  Of course, Chase has been attracted to Emma from the start, so we know where this is leading.  But who cares?  As erotica, the story is good.  The characters are interesting and the storyline is intriguing.  The plot moves along nicely and the story twists and turns keep things hopping.  The sex is certainly hot.

Readers looking for a strong spy story may not be thrilled with Mia Downing’s TRAINED FOR SEDUCTION, but erotica fans are in for a treat.  These characters heat up the pages and the spy story adds some nice flavor to the read.

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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