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Astronomical by Silvia Violet

Loose ID
April 28th, 2012
Contemporary Gay (M/M) Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
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When Blake Theriot sees his new next door neighbor, he turns into a stuttering fool. Never has a man caught his fancy as kilt wearing Greg MacIntyre has. When Blake’s niece finagles Blake to invite Greg for dinner, sparks fly and with a shot of whiskey courage, kisses Greg. But can Blake relax long enough to say more than one word answers to Greg and finally let the one man he lusts for inside his heart?

Wow is all I can say when I finished ASTRONOMICAL. It was sweet, funny at times and had some very hot moments that I swore was going to turn my e-reader into a flaming mess. Ms. Violet delivers a story of two geeks falling for one another, though with a little help from a meddling twin sister and her daughter to keep things interesting. The writing is tight, story flows swiftly and the characters fairly leap off the pages-so life-like they are. Ms. Violet has a way of creating a romantic tale between two (or more) people and isn’t afraid to show her characters hidden vulnerabilities. I got to admit, the way she captures her characters completely leaves me speechless.

Meet Blake, a research librarian at a local college and yes, he freely admits he is a geek and proud of it. He likes things controlled, orderly way that has made him lose several boyfriends in the past. When he meets his new neighbor, his fantasies take off and frankly, Greg is one hot man in a kilt. Can this controlled man find a way to let himself relax around Greg? I loved Blake. He was nerdy, sweet and vulnerable with a submissive side that came out with Greg. His connection to Greg delighted me as Greg was so alpha male in looks that it was a surprise to see that he also enjoyed letting Blake take over in sex. The characters are very well written with a few secondary characters that had me giggling at times. The sparks between these two main characters was fun to behold especially since they didn’t jump right into bed together and that slow build up made the story so much more enjoyable to me.

ASTRONOMICLE is a fun, sweet story that will leave a smile on your face. If you are looking for a short, enjoyable read, give this one a try by Silvia Violet. I highly recommend it if you need to heat up a cold weekend afternoon. All I can ask is, will there be more of Blake and Greg in the future?

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