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WINGING IT by Deborah Cooke

The Dragon Diaries Trilogy, Book 2
New American Library
December 6th, 2011
Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy
Reviewed by Dawn (

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Zoë Sorensson is tired of lying to her friends and keeping secrets about her other life is getting complicated as she approaches her sixteenth birthday. Being part of two worlds is harder than she anticipated and as a result, her once strong friendship with Meagan is fracturing as Meagan knows Zoë is hiding something from her and is frustrated that her best friend won’t tell her anything. Add in her rocker crush ignoring her and her parents’ marriage is on the rocks, all Zoe wants is her birthday to be just one normal day. For Zoe, she just might not get that normal day after all when the Mage’s set their sights on her and if she doesn’t stop them then all is lost.

Deborah Cookeis a masterful storyteller and in this second book in her young adult spin-off, The Dragon Diaries, she delivers more adventure for teenage Zoe, a rare Wyvern, a female dragon shifter with special powers. With her powers still MIA, all Zoe wants is one normal day, where she isn’t fighting mages, lying to her best friend or trying to fit in two worlds. What Zoe gets instead is something much more and just as deadly. I love Deborah Cooke’s writing style and this is one action packed sequel to Flying Blind. I loved Zoe in the first book and in this second one, readers find that the world of the pyr is larger and there are different species introduced in this book that had me intrigued. I loved the dynamics between Zoe and everyone around her. The character development is wonderful. They grow along with the storyline and you really felt like they could step outside the pages and into your house.

WINGING IT continues Zoe’s adventures as she anxiously await the appearance of her special powers and trying to navigate two worlds is wearing on her. With both sides trying their hardest to make her give the other up, Zoie feels caught in the middle. I loved we got to know Zoe’s best friend Meagan better. She played a bigger role in this story than in the first book. You could tell Zoe was dying to tell Meagan everything but can’t. The drama between those two plus some new additions to the secondary characters had me intrigued in what role they will play in the final book, Blazing the Trail.

WINGING IT is a fun, action-packed ride from start to finish., With her trademark writing style, Ms. Cooke delivers one adventure after another as Zoe deals with everything and she really steps up to the plate here. She is definitely one kick-butt heroine that I enjoy immensely, even if she is a teenager. If you are looking for a dragon shifter series to enjoy or need your fix of the Dragonfire world, then grab the books in the Dragon Diaries series. Ms. Cooke delivers another stellar story in the world of dragons and I am eager for the final chapter for Zoe. Will Zoe, her pyr friends and allies finally beat the mages? Can Zoe ever live comfortably in two worlds? Find out in The Dragon Diaries Trilogy and get ready for one entertaining ride.

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