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Rebel Ink
May 1st, 2012
Contemporary Novella M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (


For Marine Darnell Wright, a little R&R was what he needed from the sand and warfare of Afghanistan. One more tour of duty and he can then figure out what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. But first, he wanted to get a drink, kick back and watch the hot guys walking around the strip in Key West. Darnell just never anticipated in seeing the one face that had caused him so much pain years before. Can he forgive Brent for the deception he plays on Darnell and finally get that happily ever after he longed for with the man he always loved?

Cassandre Dayne delivers a short novella that will surely keep you on the edge of your seat and eager for more. Her lyrical writing style captured my imagination and I almost thought I could feel the hot sun on my face as the ocean waves crashed ashore nearby. Here she weaves a spell around her readers with a tale of a marine on an R&R vacation and looking for sinful fun. What he gets is so much more. The writing is tight; story moves at a nice, even pace and the characters are intriguing. What I do wish was that this was a bit longer story-wise. I could sense there was so much more to be said for Darnell and Brent, together and separately. The characters are intriguing; especially Brent and Darnell’s sisters who like to meddle. I won’t tell you what they did if you haven’t read this one yet but needless to say I was giggling over their remarks.

Meet Darnell Wright, a marine who has been stationed in Afghanistan for almost a year. Getting two weeks R&R in Key West has him anxious to experience the atmosphere here. I enjoyed Darnell though I have to admit I felt he made it too easy for Brent to win him back. I wished he made it a bit rougher for Brent. Brent Majors is a man who knows what he is and wants…and he wants Darnell Wright back in his life. Brent was a character I had a hard time sympathizing with initially. There was just something about him that made me question his motives, especially when he meets up with Darnell again. The secondary characters are interesting and kept the story going nicely.

HOT SUMMER NIGHTS: KEY WEST is a short, sexy read that is perfect for a quick read at lunch or on a break. If you need a quick, pick me up, then I highly recommend the Hot Summer Nights stories to help you heat things up on an otherwise cold day. I can’t wait to see where else this author sets her Hot Summer Nights stories in. I am sure it will be just as hot there as it was in this one.

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