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Dreamspinner Press
October 16th, 2012
Contemporary M/M
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Mark Jennings is dealing with a lot-his mother’s decline and death, his relationship with Brian, his job at an Atlanta Nonprofit as well as other things going on. What helps him relax and let the stress ease away is the massages he gets from Antonio. Antonio is a wonderful friend to Mark when he needs it the most. Mark finds out that when one door closes, another opens and Mark finds he is given a second chance. But the question is will Mark take this second chance or will he walk away from the gift he was given?

New author T. A. Webb delivers a powerful, emotional story that leaves you stunned speechless. With the right amount of emotion, the story goes through ten years and the reader is swept away by Mark’s journey. From love lost and found to new friends and more, Mr. Webb delivers a story so heartfelt it feels like you are right alongside Mark as he lives, loves and deals with whatever life has thrown at him. Love, loss, redemption and hope among other emotions are weaved throughout the story with ease by this new author. The best thing is that with this entire story for Mark, the story never gets bogged down or stops completely. It weaves itself around at a nice, even pace, sharing the good, bad and the ugly with the reader. But through it all, the underlying theme is hope and love. Hope for a better tomorrow, for love that will complete you heart, body and soul. To finding that the life you think you want is not always what you need. Mr. Webb weaves his spell around you in his debut story in SECOND CHANCES the reader will fall in love with a story that leaves you breathless in the end. I highly recommend making sure you have tissues on hand since you will laugh, cry, smile and sigh as you flip the pages.

Meet mark Jennings, a man who is at a crossroads. Dealing with an ex who cheated onhim, his mother’s death and more, Mark is at his breaking point. Enter Antonio, a massage therapist who becomes one his closet friends and helps him ease the stress that seems to ride him in his life. I liked Mark a lot. He was a man who was trying to be everything to everyone and put himself last, when he should have put himself first at times. This is an author who captured Mark’s emotional turmoil perfectly and wasn’t afraid to show his vulnerabilities to the reader. Brian, though on the other hand left a bad taste in my mouth. I seriously wanted Mark to toss him out on his ear when he comes crawling back into Mark’s life. The reader gets to see a man who finds he still loves his ex and tries to make it work between them. The secondary characters are just as vivid and keep the story moving along nicely.

SECOND CHANCES is more than a man meets the love of his life. It’s a story of one door closing and finding yourself trying to figure out what to do next, that path in life that isn’t lit and you need to go down to see where it leads. Life is a risk and finding love, dealing with loss and more is all part and parcel with it. Mr. Webb expertly captures that in SECOND CHANCES and delivers a story that leaves tears in your eyes. The reader will get much more than a simple love story in this debut book by T. A. Webb but an emotional journey that will leave you thoroughly enchanted.  I am eager to see what else this new author has up his sleeves for his readers. Kudos, Mr. Webb, for creating a story that leaves the reader completely captivated from start to finish. Run-don’t walk- to grab SECOND CHANCES and fall in love with a story that subtly weaves its’ spell around you the minute you open that first page.

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