Friday, December 14, 2012

DARK STORM by Christine Feehan

A Carpathian Novel

Berkley Books, October 2012
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN 978-0-425-25580-3
Paranormal Romance


The latest Carpathian love story from prolific author Christine Feehan, DARK STORM, is everything her fans have come to expect and more.

Awakening after centuries buried deep inside a dormant volcano, Dax wonders how the world has changed since last he has been a part of it and how the changes in him will affect mankind and Carpathians alike.  Dax isn’t the only creature locked within the volcano.  The vampire Mitro has spent his time spreading his evil and gaining his strength.  The battle of good versus evil has never been more heated as these two warriors use all their resources in the ultimate fight for survival. 

Perhaps a guilty pleasure, but this reader does enjoy her Feehan books and doesn’t miss an opportunity to pick up each new release (even if that means joining the long queue of hopeful readers at my local library).  DARK STORM has few real surprises, but it doesn’t seem to detract one bit from the story.  Dax, like all the Carpathian heroes before him, is strong, dark, sexy and all alpha male.  And like so many before him, he has lived a very long life fighting against the darkness that attempts to take over all Carpathian males.  Just as Dax is at his limit, his lifemate comes along to lighten his burden and brighten his world.  She is everything Dax has ever hoped for and so much more.  She also eerily resembles one of Dax’ oldest friends and ex-lifemate to his nemesis, the evil vampire, Mitro.  As Dax and Mitro battle it out, memories of times past continue to haunt both. 

Somewhat predictable, always entertaining, Christine Feehan’s latest Carpathian romance, DARK STORM, like a well worn sweater on a cold winter’s night, delivers that warm and wonderful blend of paranormal suspense with a love story that sizzles the pages that Feehan fans are sure to enjoy.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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