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HEAD OVER HEELS by Susan Andersen

Marine Series, Book 1

January 2nd, 2002
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Veronica Davies kicked her heels up when she left Fossil, Washington years ago so she isn’t sure why she came back to help her family out. She is determined to sell the family business and get out of Fossil as fast as she can but she never anticipated on hunky ex-special forces Marine named Cooper Blackstock. He is determined to help Veronica and maybe give her a reason to stay around this time instead of getting out of dodge. But Veronica’s got troubles on her doorstep-from a family in turmoil, to death threats. Where ever Veronica turns, there seems to be something else to keep her in Fossil this time around. Can these two get past the secrets, the nosy neighbors and more to find their way to a happily ever after?

Ms. Andersen delivers a wonderful introduction to her new series set around three marine buddies. In this first book, HEAD OVER HEELS, Cooper Blackstone finds himself intrigued with Veronica Davis, a woman who is determined to sell the family business and get the hell out of Fossil, Washington. The author does a good job in introducing these two, the people around them and the town itself. I imagined it like any other small town with their little quirks, colorful characters and more. The mystery part of the storyline was a little too simple though I did have fun figuring out who killed Crystal Davis, Veronica’s sister. This was the background for why Veronica came back and it keeps the reader entertained till the very end. Sparks fly between Cooper and veronica but secrets and more may tear this couple apart. What happens when Veronica finds out that Cooper isn’t all he makes out to what he is? The storyline is a bit darker in spots but I felt the author did a good job in creating a believable storyline for readers to enjoy. The characters are well written, multi-dimensional and felt real to me with their vulnerabilities and more.

The many characters in this story is what kept my attention till the end. They felt real, with real-life issues and more. There is some humor which had me smiling and moments of edge of the seat plot twists. Susan Andersen delivers an enjoyable, if at times, predictable read about a woman who comes back home and the man who needs her to stay. If you enjoy a story with believable characters, simmering chemistry between the main characters and humor sprinkled throughout, then grab HEAD OVER HEELS and get ready for one wild ride. I look forward to seeing what book two is all about.

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