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LAID OPEN by Lauren Dane

LAID OPEN by Lauren Dane
A Brown Siblings Novella
October 2nd, 2012
BDSM Contemporary Ménage
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Erin, Todd and Ben need time away, to be able to freely love one another without getting up in middle of night to tend to their son or have work call Erin’s husbands away from home. When Ben and Todd tell Erin they are off to Fiji for ten days, she is quite excited. Sun, sand and her men is what Erin gets in this island paradise. But when Erin’s past causes her to break apart, can Ben and Todd find a way to soothe the woman they love and make everything all right for the woman they both love?

I absolutely adore Lauren Dane’s Brown Sibling series and I was quite excited to see she was revisiting the three main characters from the first book, Laid Bare. I always adore revisiting characters and it was a delight to see these three have a wonderful life together, along with their son, Alexander. I got to admit, this story is smoking hot as well. The sex scenes are erotic, yet tender as well. Especially as these three come together again as one or go into the D/s aspect of their relationship with Erin. Ms. Dane does a fantastic job in showing the readers the connection between Erin, Todd and Ben. I do recommend you have your significant other or a bucket of ice nearby to help cool you down after reading this one. The story moved at a nice even pace, the writing was tight and the characters are quite enjoyable.

Meet Erin, Todd and Ben. Legally Erin is married to Todd but in this relationship, Ben is just as loved as Erin is by Todd. Their relationship may be unconventional at best but they relish the time away in a secluded resort in Fiji, to decompress and reconnect in the way they used to do before life and a kid got in the way. What got to me was how sensual, genuine and loving these three are towards one another. I fell in love with them in Laid Bare but LAID OPEN shows the reader the side of Ben we haven’t seen before. He is very real in one scene that had me in tears at one point. You get the vulnerability he was feeling as he voiced his feelings to Todd. Second, the grief that Erin feels over her daughter’s death was very powerful. This had me bawling as she worked through her grief all over again even as her men tried to be there for her, to show she is loved, to help her as they, too, grieved with her. This was what made the story to me. These two parts alone gave the story heart and a deeper emotion.

Ms. Dane delivers in LAID OPEN three people reconnecting as well as adjusting to the changes in their lives the past several years. With her trademark writing style, she packs a lot of heart and heat in this seventy-odd page story that will definitely thrill her fans, especially if they fell in love with the Brown Siblings as I did. LAID OPEN is a story of reconnection, of love, of finding your rhythm after many changes in a personal relationship. It’s about love, hope and facing your fears.  This is a perfect swan song to the Brown Sibling Series and I hope the author revisits them again in the future. If you are looking for an emotional and sexy read, then read LAID BARE and get ready to fall in love with three characters who will steal your heart.

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