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LORD OF TEMPTATION by Lorraine Heath

LORD OF TEMPTATION by Lorraine Heath
Lost Lords of Pembroke Series
September 25th, 2012
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Three young heirs are imprisoned by their uncle and when they escaped, they went their separate ways. One went the sea; another to the streets and the last one to a land’s faraway battle. All three determined to return to reclaim their birthright. This is the story of Lord Tristan Easton.

Lord Tristan Easton was once his name but now he goes by the infamous moniker, Crimson Jack, a notorious privateer. His love for the sea is renowned but when he meets Lady Anne Hayworth, well let’s just says his mistress, the sea, has competition in this exquisite woman who captures Tristan’s heart. Desperation has sent Anne to Tristan’s side but she has never known a desire so hot or feeling so totally right before. Tristan says he will help her and her payment is to be a kiss….a kiss that will ignite something between them that will flare out of control. When Lady Anne leaves his side, her heart breaking, can Tristan find the strength to find her and convince her to be by his side-forever? Can this lost lord find the path to the home he longs for?

I absolutely adore this book. It was fun, emotional, and searingly hot plus the writing was perfect. The story flowed smoothly, a few twists and turns had me on the edge of my seat and the cast of characters was delightful. Tristan and Anne were a perfect balance to one another. Both tried to keep their hearts under wraps but after awhile they find themselves falling in love and I got to admit, this was one passionate couple. Tristan is scarred by his loss of his brothers and father; Anne feels guilty and melancholy. Both want different things, but they can not stay away from one another. These two really tugged my heart and the author has a way about her writing that captured their heart felt emotions, their issues from the past and even the present to finding that their love can be all that they wished for and more.

Meet Crimson Jack, a notorious privateer and a man with secrets. Those secrets he holds close to his heart and when he meets Lady Anne Hayworth, well all bets are off. But problems are in store for these two passionate people. For Tristan is not only a privateer but also the lost son of the late Duke of Keswick. Disappeared years before, Tristan has vowed to find his brothers and take down his evil uncle. But he never anticipated the Lady Anne stealing his heart along the way. Tristan is a hero with painful secrets, ones that cause him pain. He hides his heart, vowing never to love but the author does a marvelous job in creating Anne as his perfect foil. She fights him, makes him love her and in the process, she heals his heart, though both fight against it. The secondary characters are wonderful and keep the story flowing nicely and I loved how they were integrated into Tristan and Anne’s story.

Ms. Heath delivers a romantic tale to warm her readers up on a cold winter’s night. LORD OF TEMPTATION is more than guy finds girl, falls in love and lives happily ever after. Both main characters have pasts that cause hurts and those hurts need to be healed in order to find the love they need and long for. LORD OF TEMPTATION is a memorable tale and one I plan to read again. Kudos to Ms. Heath for creating a story that stole my heart and left me breathless in the end.  I look forward to reading the other stories about Tristan’s lost brothers next.

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