Tuesday, December 11, 2012

THE LADY RISKS ALL by Stephanie Laurens

September 25th, 2012
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (love2read28@gmail.com)
Obtained by Publisher


Miranda Clifford has respectability down to a T and for Miranda, Neville Roscoe is one man she wants to avoid at all costs. He is unpredictable, lives outside society and a rake to the core, or so she thinks. After being the caretaker for her two elderly aunts, who have kept her on a tight leash and raised her little brother Roderick, Miranda is at a crossroads. She knows she needs to let her brother go, to find his path in life but she has no idea what to do without him to take care of. When Roderick disappears, well let’s just say Miranda knows her disreputable neighbor, Neville is behind it.

Neville Roscoe is a man with secrets, a man who has, over time, lost bits of himself as he played the part of someone he wasn’t born to be. A man who won’t let many get close to him, he is stunned to find himself weakening when Miranda comes asking for his help in finding her brother. She is a woman who is passionate, fiery and has a heart that can melt the iciness inside him. But can Miranda love Neville, the man he is inside rather than the hard headed man she knows of?

I got to admit, I love Stephanie Laurens books. Her Cynster series is a marvel to read but THE LADY RISKS ALL is one book I just could not finish. It was very hard to keep motivated in reading this one. The characters are wonderful, don’t get me wrong. They were diverse, intriguing and very well written. It was the run-on sentences, the lyrical prose and it was just too wordy by far. That had me setting the book down repeatedly, struggling to finish the book. It was like someone kidnapped the author and put someone else in there for those bits in the story. I spent several minutes at the end wondering where the ‘Stephanie Laurens’ I loved in her earlier books gone? Don’t get me wrong, the lyrical prose was beautiful but it was also overwhelming in the story as well. I spent half the time muttering that the hero really needed to hurry up and stop analyzing things to death. The part that I loved the most was how Miranda and Neville fell for one another as they searched for Roderick. Their slow build up, the way they fell in love was pure Stephanie Laurens and I loved it. This was where my favorite author was.

THE LADY RISKS ALL has potential if they got rid of half the pages, tightened up the storyline and got rid of the wordiness. The characters were just perfect and I loved the main players. But the repeated rehashing of events had me throwing my hands in the air going, ‘get on with it already!’ The mystery of where Miranda’s brother was and what happened to him was interesting and I enjoyed that storyline part. It kept me entertained and the sparks between Miranda and Neville were delightful. All in all, THE LADY RISKS ALL is an ok book, just too long by far. I think I prefer reading her older books and hope I won’t get another repeat performance in her newer books. If you enjoy intriguing mystery & well written characters then you may like THE LADY RISKS ALL.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement


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