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Jubilee, Texas Series, Book 1
March 27th, 2012
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher
3.5 hearts


For Joe Daniels, waking up in a horse trough with nothing on but your boots and a Stetson on your head could be a little hard to take in the morning. Especially when a blonde haired filly of a woman is staring at him. Joe is drawn to Mariah Callahan but is determined to not fall for the vulnerable woman. For Mariah, Joe calls to something deep inside her heart and with no job, no home and a run-down ranch left to her by her now deceased father…well lets just say sparks fly between these two more than once. Can these two emotionally vulnerable people find a way to let their hearts desires become known and will they take that chance on a forever love?

I got to admit I absolutely adored this first book of Ms. Wilde’s. It took me 3 hours to read and half the time I was giggling like mad over some of the antics the characters were doing. This is definitely one of those feel-good books to read and has the right amount of humor, romance and a little bit of sass to keep the reader thoroughly entertained. Ms. Wilde delivers a story that is full of emotion. Love, loss, friendship, love all play a part in this story and I can attest you will need some tissues in the beginning.
The writing was tight, story flowed smoothly and the characters were very well written. It was almost like I could meet them on the street or at a local coffee shop.

Meet Joe Daniels. An ex-champion bull rider and a cowboy horse cutter, he is a wounded man and one I fell in love with immediately. He was gruff, had that little boy lost appeal and the way Mariah meets him for the first time had me in stitches. Mariah is a strong, vulnerable city girl and one Joe wants nothing to do with though he is drawn to her like a moth is to a flame. After losing his late wife then his best friend Dutch (Mariah’s dad) in the last few years, Joe feels he has no heart left to give anyone. Mariah forces him to see her as a woman  and the build up between these two is sweet, sexy and totally enjoyable. The secondary characters kept the story flowing smoothly and I can not wait to meet them again in the future books of the Jubilee, Texas series.

THE COWBOY TAKES A BRIDE is a fun, sweet and sexy tale of two wounded hearts finding their chosen mate. The one who can heal their wounds and show that love can happen to them. Ms. Wilde does a wonderful job in creating a wildly dynamic cast of characters to enjoy as well as a storyline that is realistic and at times, heartbreaking. THE COWBOY TAKES A WIFE is pure enjoyment and I can’t wait to see what happens next in Jubilee, Texas. Run-don’t walk-to grab this exciting debut book into the Jubilee, Texas series. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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