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Stories from the Range series, Book five
Dreamspinner Press
December 3rd, 2012
Western/Cowboys, M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher


Marty Green is his way. Playing on his college basketball team, enjoying his newfound freedom at last from his well-meaning yet smothering family, he never anticipates the one time he finally starts in a game and he has a stroke. Now trying to get the strength back so he can walk again, to find his way in a world that he has no idea how to function in and try to maintain his independence even as his overprotective parents try to take over his life. When Marty is offered a job at ranch his doctor knows about, he jumps at the chance to get away and maybe find his new path in life.

When Quinn Knepper sees Marty for the first time, he feels a strong connection to the shy new guy. But even as he tries to take it slow and let friendship turn into something more, Quinn finds himself falling in love with Marty. Even though Marty is interested, he is afraid to let his true self come out as he was taught from his parents to not cause an embarrassment to the family and his senator father. But the heart wants what it wants and it will take all the strength Marty has to take a stand against his family and be with the one person who has come to mean the world to him. But is it too late for Quinn and Marty now that Marty’s dad comes out as a homophobe?

I got to admit I absolutely adore author Andrew Grey’s work. His stories are full of heart, emotion and more and with each book, I can’t help but think he couldn’t top his last one but in AN ISOLATED RANGE he hits it out of the ball park. This is a highly emotional story at times and I have to caution you will need tissues for this story. I think I went through a box in one sitting just reading this one. The story flows smoothly, the characters are very well written and there are a few twists in the story that leave you on the edge of your seat. Mr. Grey delivers a highly emotional story that captures the readers heart in one fell swoop. This is an author who is dedicated to his series, stories and characters. With each range story, you always find yourself drawn in, breathless until the very last page is read.

Meet Marty. A senator son, he is enjoying his newfound freedom from his overprotective parents and enjoying college life but when a stroke leaves him struggling to do even the most simplest of tasks, Marty is dejected. But with strength of characters, he tries to find ways to continue his independence as well as try to relearn the things he needs in order to return to his life again. Working at the ranch his doctor knows about, Marty finds friendship and acceptance as he works on his physical therapy as well as do the simple chores as well there. Soon he finds a friendship with Wally’s Vet tech named Quinn and with Dakota’s dad, Jefferson. Marty is a character that hits a cord with me. I can totally relate to what he was going through after waking up and the author does a wonderful job in conveying the frustration, the success and more as people struggle to relearn walking, drinking and more that we take for granted today. It was so nice to meet again some of my favorite characters and though the ending left me gasping, the author does a great job in letting the reader see how string Marty can be when he finally accepts what is in his heart.

AN ISOLATED RANGE is a story not of human triumphs but also of sadness and death. This is an author who balances both so well that the reader is left speechless after that last page is read. I am eager to see what the next book is about though I am hoping it is about the newest character mentioned in the ending. If you enjoy well written stories that have heart, emotion and more, then I highly recommend any of Andrew Grey’s work and settle in for a reading adventure you won’t want to get off of.

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