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DONOVAN’S DEAL by Lee Brazil

Truth or Dare Series, Book Six
Breathless Press
December 21st, 2012
Contemporary, Holiday M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Self-purchase


Mischa Blake is worn out, trying to raise a special needs child with his partner, Donovan, take a full load of classes and more. Living for the relaxation he gets at his weekly poker games withhis brothers, Mischa revolts when they decide to revisit the truth or dare games again. Now forced to tell the truth, Mischa has to figure out how much he wants to tell his siblings on his own domestic situation.

Donovan decides to put his foot down after Mischa forgets to come to their son’s soccer game. Mischa has one weekend to get away, think on things and make a decision because Donovan is determined to have the family life he always dreamed of,…just one problem, dreams and real life sometimes don’t make good bedfellows. It’s the holidays and it will take a Christmas miracle to get Donovan and Mischa back on the same page. Can Mischa and Donovan find a way to meet in the middle and not throw away their life together or the love they have for one another?

Author Lee Brazil delivers a wonderful follow up to Keeping House, book one in the Truth or Dare series. I loved seeing how all the Blakes’ are doing as well as their respective partners. Mr. Brazil delivers a wonderful story about choices, love, family and more all set around the holidays. Secrets, desires, dreams and more make up this heart warming story as Mischa and Donovan find out that dreams can become nightmares as well as change within the blink of an eye. The story is full of twists and turns that leave me itching for the next book by this wonderful author. The Truth or Dare series is one series I NEED to buy on release day. The characters are well written, with flaws and all & the stories are emotional yet also realistic as well.

Welcome back to the Blake Siblings poker game. Mischa Blake is tired, stressed out and running on fumes. Between taking care of a special needs child with his partner, he is trying to finish college so he can start a new job in the New Year as well as make sure his new foundation is off the ground. It doesn’t leave time for well, romance, sleep or anything else he used to have time for. Donovan is determined to make Mischa figure out where his priorities lie as he tries to shield their son from the hurt of Mischa’s absences. What I love about Mischa and Donovan is that they truly love one another but both need to figure out what works for them as a couple and as a person. With a special needs child, a man who is determined to be the bread winner regardless of his partners desire to help out money wise, can cause significant issues in a relationship. Mr. Brazil delivers those hurdles in a way that has the readers rooting for these two to overcome them in order to be together forever. A realistic portrayal of a couple overwhelmed by life that sometimes you need to stop and smell the roses, reassess those dreams and maybe see that sometimes your dreams may be the issue. The characters are well written-flaws and all, realistic and definitely some I would enjoy meeting in real life.

In DONOVAN’S DEAL, the reader is treated to some plot points for the other characters that leave you running to the author’s website for more details on future books. I know I was one of them after I finished this latest Truth or Dare story. Mr. Brazil is a talented storyteller who knows how to make a story come alive for his readers and with an unforgettable cast of characters, the reader can not help but fall in love with his work. Run-don’t walk-to grab this latest addition to the Truth or Dare series. I do recommend reading book one, Keeping House, first to see how Mischa and Donovan began.

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