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Publisher:  Forever
Date published:  September 25, 2012
ISBN:  978-1-455-52236-1
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Lynne.
Obtained via publisher.


Cassie McPherson has always put her family’s construction business before pleasure, although she never admits she would rather be doing something more rewarding with her life.  But she is afraid to tell her father, Big Al, the truth.  A daddy’s girl, she is still a bit intimidated by her larger-than-life father.  And having four brothers doesn’t help any.  She has always had to fight for everything she ever wanted.

When her friend, Amy Walker, talks her into going to the company Christmas party, even supplying her with an atypical striking outfit to wear, she still finds herself without a date.  So, as she is accustomed to doing, she hires an escort to accompany her.

When hot and sexy James Sutton arrives the night of the party, it is easy for Cassie to mistake him for the escort she has hired.  Intrigued, and attracted by her beauty, he doesn’t tell her at first his real identity.  For had Cassie known that he was her family’s fiercest business rival, she never would have let him step foot in the door.

Later, when the party ends, Cassie literally falls into bed with him of her own accord, to his great surprise.  But a bigger shock is in store for him when he realizes he has so quickly fallen head over heels in love with her.  Now, the problem is, how does he tell her who he really is without jeopardizing their growing relationship?  And admitting that all he wants for Christmas is her, for a life time?

HUNK FOR THE HOLIDAYS by Katie Lane is one of the most entertaining romances I have ever read.  Perhaps it is my own sense of humor, but I have never laughed as much reading any book as I have this one.  Lane clearly has a wonderful gift for humor and originality.  There is no denying Lane’s writing talent or creativeness.

I was snagged from page one of HUNK FOR THE HOLIDAYS and did not want to put this one down.  It is rare that I want to take the time to reread a book, but this is one of those gems I will make an exception for.  I absolutely love this book.  Lane has a knack for word choices that bring clear pictures to mind and add humor to boot.

The main characters, Cassie and James, are totally engaging.  They snagged my heart right from the start.  Cassie is so independent and headstrong, it is easy to relate to a woman like her in this day and age.  James is indeed the gorgeous hunk that every girl wishes to have for her own.  He is handsome, kind, sensitive, and successful.  More importantly, he is strong, protective, and able to handle himself well in any situation.

The array of minor characters are just as interesting and fun.  Cassie’s four brothers add some warm and humorous scenes to HUNK FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  I especially enjoyed the subplot of Amy and Rory’s romance, especially with Gabby, Amy’s daughter, in the mix of things, when Amy took Gabby to see Santa.  It will certainly be a treat if Lane writes additional books on the other McPherson brothers, Patrick, Mattie, and Jake, so we can get to know each of them better, too. 

The Christmas setting brings into play all of the hustle, bustle, and happiness many people enjoy at this time of the year.  Also, the other minor characters, James’s neighbors, are quite interesting to read about in HUNK FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  Ms. Ellis is the typical neighbor we all love to hate, although she means well.  And the scene where James is out cutting down a Christmas tree with a steak knife adds a bit of brevity, especially when neighbors James barely knows show up to see what he’s doing. 

I guess if I had one negative thing to say about HUNK FOR THE HOLIDAYS, it would only pertain to the relationship Cassie has with her brothers.  The fact that they all seem to care about each other and that the brothers look out for Cassie does not coincide with the reality I’ve experienced with having brothers.  But that is not to say that it isn’t possible.  I just don’t see it as completely realistic.  Regardless, HUNK FOR THE HOLIDAYS is a great read and one I would recommend to anyone wanting to while away a few hours with a bit of fun and laughter.

HUNK FOR THE HOLIDAYS is well written and a complete delight, for anyone interested.  I look forward to rereading this story and reading more of Lane’s work in future.  Overall, I think this book is just plain fun.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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