Saturday, February 2, 2013

TROUBLE ME by Laura Moore

A Rosewood Series Novel
Ballantine Books
March 27th, 2012
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher


Jade Radcliffe is the last of the Radcliffe sisters to come back to the family’s horse farm. Jade knows coming home will cause bad memories to come to the surface but she is determined to have a new life but a one night fling comes back to haunt Jade in ways she never anticipated. Seeing the man she had a fling with in her second grade classroom was shocking to say the least but when Jade finds out who the man she slept with and gave her such pleasure really is, will she walk away from the one person who makes her feel safe or fight for a love that she knows will save them both?

I got to admit, I haven’t had the chance to read books one or two in the Rosewood Trilogy but after finishing TROUBLE ME, I am eager to see how this all started. Ms. Moore is a new to me author and she is a wickedly talented author who knows how to draw her readers into a story, gives them exceptional characters to root for and fall in love with and create a story that has many layers to uncover…it’s almost like unwrapping a gift and trying to make sure you don’t rip all the wrapping paper off at once. Each layer you uncover gives you more to fall in love with. TROUBLE ME is a story of Jade, who we met as rebellious teenager yet there was something about Jade readers couldn’t help but fall in love with. She is honest, passionate and determined woman now and after having an unexpected yet passionate night with a stranger after being sidelined by bad weather at a hotel, she never in all her wildest imaginations that the man she spent that night with would be standing in her school classroom. This is one wild, steamy and romantic story that will leave you breathless. Jade and Rob are two people trying to overcome their pasts yet in one moment are drawn to one another. Secrets, desire and more play a part in their romance and the reader is treated to a woman who knows her worth and the man who finds the girl he remembers is not the person he remembers. Ms. Moore delivers one wild ride from start to finish with TROUBLE ME. I do want to suggest you read these in order as it does mention some things from the first two books and had me a bit confused on it.

TROUBLE ME is a wonderful story that the readers will fall in love with. I know I did. I am eager to read books one and two now to see how the trilogy began as well as Jade’s sister’s romances. With one fell swoop, Ms. Moore has created a series that draws the reader in and steals their heart. I encourage you to check this series out and maybe you will fall in love with the Radcliffe sisters as I did.


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