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MELT INTO YOU (Loving On The Edge) by Roni Loren

Publisher:  Berkley Trade/Penguin
Date published:  July 3, 2012
ISBN:  978-0-425-24771-6
Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Reviewed by Lynne
Obtained via publisher


Evangeline - Evan - Kennedy grew up as part of the system.  Foster care.  But when she imagines herself in love with Jace Austin, the son of the family she once lived with, she involves herself in a way she soon regrets.  She runs away, only to discover later that she is pregnant.  Alone on the streets and destitute, she befriends a boy named Daniel, who immediately takes her under his wing. 

As time goes on, the choice is made for Evan to give up her baby and move forward with her life, putting the past behind her. 

Daniel and Evan soon join forces, creating a thriving and lucrative business that promises to bring them all they aspire to:  wealth, security, and a future.  As part of their business relationship, Evan has agreed to marry Daniel, despite the fact that he is gay and has a lover, Marcus, who accompanies them wherever the business takes them.

Although the arrangement seems to suit everyone’s needs at the time, Evan finds herself growing more and more depressed.  One, because she never stopped loving Jace and, two, because living with a gay man as her husband will never be normal...or sexually satisfying.

When Evan unexpectedly reconnects with Jace one night on the beach, the past slams into her with full force, causing her more doubts.

When Daniel and Marcus give Evan a shocking gift to ease her frustrations - a few days at a secret club called The Ranch - Evan discovers they have given her something more satisfying than she can ever imagine. 

Suddenly involved with Jace and his best friend, Andre, in a way that allows her to fulfill her every sexual fantasy, Evan is instantly drawn to them in a way she never expects.
A way that may destroy every plan she has ever had for her future.

MELT INTO YOU by Roni Loren is the second book in the Loving On The Edge series.  A sizzling, hot romance that is well written and will easily melt your socks off.   Never have I read a book with so much spice, yet it is so genuinely well plotted and fun to read. 

Loren has indeed established herself in MELT INTO YOU as a talented, contemporary author of sheer eroticism.  Although this is the first I have read by this author and in this series, I believe that, even if you leave all the steamy stuff out of it, you will still have an intriguing, enjoyable romance.

From the beginning of MELT INTO YOU, my heart went out to Evan.  As a foster child, she suffered more than many may endure over a lifetime.  When she finds herself pregnant and alone, it is easy for the reader to put herself into Evan’s shoes.  A “There but for the grace of God, go I.” sort of thing.  The reader can quickly relate to Evan and her problems, yet cheer at her good fortune, as life takes a different turn for her. 

When first meeting Daniel, it seems a bit confusing about the presence of Marcus when Evan is engaged to Daniel.  But as soon as things become clear, you begin to feel all the more sad for Evan because of the choice she has made.  To marry a gay man for the sake of a secure future.

Jace is a wonderful character, so right away the reader begins hoping that he and Evan will get back together, especially since Jace has divorced his psychotic, dirty-dealing wife.  Later, when Andre comes on the scene, the reader starts to wonder if Evan will choose him instead of Jace.  Both are hot and hunky, in all respects. 

As MELT INTO YOU moves forward, in a fairly fast-paced way, even the reader will become unsure of what Evan will do.  Leaving Jace and Andre would be devastating for Evan, especially when she realizes how her life will be without them in it.

MELT INTO YOU has more spicy scenes than any erotic romance I have ever read.  If the reader isn’t blushing at some point, then there has to be something wrong.  MELT INTO YOU will cause the reader to use hot pads just to hold onto the pages of this book, as the steam coming off them will be that hot. 

This is easily a stand-alone book.  No problems there.  And the readers will be quickly engaged in the story and enjoy meeting the minor characters of MELT INTO YOU as well.

I loved the end of MELT INTO YOU.  Well written and well played is all I can say about the scene where Evan is pulled over by the cops.  Ingenious idea, in my opinion.

If one loves romance and eroticism, enjoying words that will tingle the innards and set one’s own heart and body aflame with desire, then MELT INTO YOU is a story that will satisfy in many ways.

I look forward to reading more of Loren’s work in future.  She has an undeniable writing talent that is sure to please and will probably heat up things along the way.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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