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PAPA’S BOY by Sue Brown

Morning Report Series, Book 3
Dreamspinner Press
November 15th,2012
Western/Cowboys, Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Ray Sloane is lonely and bored with the same old thing at the local bar he goes to each month. Trying a new place called The Pink Palm, he expects the worst but finds something much more than he ever anticipated. For there at the Pink Palm is a man who will ease his loneliness and Ray will find someone who needs him as much as he needs Zeke. For Zeke is in a world of pain after his very religious parents having done much to destroy his life. But when Ray is needed by his very good friend Lee, Zeke steps up to the plate and is there for Ray even as he freaks out over being seen with the very people his parents and church rail against. Can Zeke find the strength to turn away from the hate he has lived with all his life and let himself lean against Ray, Noah and all the people at the Lost Cow ranch and learn that in order to be true to yourself, you need to start living again?

Author Sue Brown delivers a perfect swan song to the Morning Report trilogy. Her wonderful multi-dimensional characters are a joy to behold. Full of layers, vulnerabilities under a tough exterior and the way the characters act when a friend or family is in need brings this reader to her knees. This is an author who has a skillful way of creating complex, vulnerable characters that leave you breathless while they steal your heart, piece by piece. This is a work of a master storyteller and Sue Brown is that master. You will laugh, cry, sigh and cheer through out the story and I can guarantee you will need tissues-lots and lots of tissues.

In PAPA’S BOY, we finally see Noah’s second in command, Ray Sloane, get the happily ever after he longs for. He is done going to a local place since he sees the same faces there over and over again. He wants something new and going to the Pink Palm is definitely that. A bar with a bad reputation but once Ray gets there, he finds a place where he feels at home; especially when he catches a lone man in the corner.  Zeke is a man in a world of pain. His family and kids taken away from him, his parents determined to ‘cure’ Zeke is at the end of his rope and it will take all of Ray’s talent and strength to bring this man back from the edge and see there is a life worth living if Zeke takes that chance with him. These two characters literally brought me to my knees. Ray is a man who tries to stay true to himself, his god and to his family/friends. This is a man who is secure in his faith in the lord and knows that being gay is not the sin many others may think. What endeared me even further to Ray was his desire to show Zeke that he can live the same life as Ray does-out to family/friends, teaching and having a personal relationship. The fact this was a character that never flip-flopped made it even more real to me. This was a man I could see catching a coffee after work or one night, talking about everything and loving every minute of it. Zeke broke my heart in the beginning. He was a wounded soul who called to the protective nature of Ray. What was done to Zeke had me in tears and those scenes where he recounts to ray everything, well let’s just say there were a lot of tears falling and some swear words running through my head at the time. The rest of the characters-from Luke and Simon to Momma and Lee and the lost cow hands, are back, helping Ray as they deal with Lee’s fight and more. I have never really enjoyed such a series as this one. The characters alone leave me eager for more. 

PAPA’S BOY is one story that continues to haunt the reader with its poignant storyline and the underlying message in it. This is definitely one series I can highly recommend for anyone looking for an emotional story to enjoy. With the right amount of love, friendship and more, the reader is taken on a journey with Zeke and the rest of this marvelous cast of characters. What I truly enjoy is the feeling of peace this series gives you in the end; the problems they may face are as relevant now as they are within the pages of each of these books. I highly recommend the Morning Report series (Morning Report, Complete Faith and Papa’s Boy) for those looking for stories that leave you breathless in the end. Run-don’t walk- to grab this now! Sue Brown is one of my go to authors for when I need an emotional story that hits every bit of you. Kudos to Ms. Brown for giving the readers a story & series they can fall in love with over and over again. Now can I ask for more of these wonderful characters? Pretty please?

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