Monday, February 11, 2013

Under the Rushes by Amy Lane

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Date published: 12/21/12
ISBN: 978-1-62380-244-8
Steampunk, MM
Reviewed by Helen
Obtained via publisher


Dorjan is a newly appointed leader in the army, marching into battle when he discovers something and is told the battle is not about what they’d been told it was. He and his best friend Areau do their utmost to save innocent lives, and have some success, but corruption is rife and overwhelming in the land. After a ten year battle Dorjan and Areau receive help from an unexpected quarter but the bad times aren’t over yet.

This is a story of right and wrong, good and evil, love and death, set in a fascinating world of steam engines and mechanical devices in a brave new world with the same old problems of evil and corruption.

It’s also really the story of Dorjan, and of two other men, Areau his best friend, and Taern who told the truth at a critical time, although a couple of women have key roles to play as well. 

For those who love the geeky stuff there are some wonderful steam inventions mostly centered around military requirements, all well described and believable though fresh and innovative. For those looking for an MM romance, that’s there too, although it’s only facet of this story. 

Ms. Lane has woven all the strands together well, making the book a balanced one that crosses genres but fulfills the reader. A fascinating read, with some truly wonderful and highly memorable characters.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book.


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