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October 30th, 2012
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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For Lisette Moncrief, Christmas is not a time for her to celebrate. With her husband’s sudden death in Afghanistan, her world has been turned upside down then finding out her son is going deaf….it was like the world was conspiring against her. When she finds out her husband left his death benefits and life insurance to his half-brother, Rafferty, well let’s just say Lisette was ready to crawl under the blankets and not move forever. But life has a way of making things right especially when Rafferty comes to Jubilee to give her the money that should rightfully belong to her son. Lisette finds she needs to turn from people pleasing Lisette to one who can stand on her own two feet, say no and make a place in this changing world with her son. She just never anticipates having Rafferty steal her heart of make her believe in Christmas miracles again.

I love the Jubilee, Texas series and found A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS to be a bit more serious than the other stories in the series. This time the author tells a tale of loss, love, forgiveness and more within its pages and the reader is lost within the world she has created in Jubilee, Texas. I loved how the author created such an amazing cast of characters for readers to enjoy. This is a story of two very different people who find themselves drawn to one another. I really enjoyed the sparks between Lisette and Rafferty as well as the secondary storyline that involved Lisette’s mother-in-law. The romance between Lisette and Rafferty was charming to read, as they forged a friendship and soon found themselves falling in love. The author does a wonderful job in creating a storyline that had serious overtones with sensitivity and without angst.

Meet Lisette Moncrief. Finding out her husband died overseas was a blow she knew she could recover from. But finding out he left his life insurance and death benefits to his brother instead of their son, well let’s just say Lisette was upset, frustrated and very angry. Enter in Rafferty, Jake’s half-brother, who is determined to give Lisette the money for her son that is rightfully his. I loved these two together. Both have pasts that they need to overcome and the sparks flew between them the minute they stepped upon the pages. Rafferty is a sweetheart as he gave Lisette space to grow, be independent and let herself feel in control of her world again. Lisette was a strong woman who found that Rafferty is her equal in all ways. I loved how these two did a give and take in their relationship. From friendship to love, these two forged an unbreakable bond even if there was some issues causing both to be a bit gun-shy on the whole romance between them. The characters are very well written and I highly enjoyed the banter between Lisette, Rafferty and other secondary characters in the series. This is an author who knows how to create well rounded characters that readers’ can fall in love with.

A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS is a wonderful holiday story you can enjoy anytime. Ms. Wilde is one of my favorite authors to pick up when I need that romance fix. Her stories are delightful, endearing and very entertaining. I do highly recommend reading the series in order just for sheer enjoyment as each of the Jubilee, Texas novels are a stand alone story. I look forward to reading more from this talented author in the future.

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