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A Soul Gatherer Novel, Book Three
Signet Eclipse
January 4th, 2011
Paranormal Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (love2read28@gmail.com)
Obtained by Publisher


For immortal Jaime Murdcoch, being exiled to Japan was the last thing he expected. He was cursed to have an inner berserker that overcomes, at times, his soul gatherer expertise. To say the least, Jaime knew he screwed up one too many times and this was his penance. Told to find a mystical weapon that can destroy demons, Jaime finds he is out of place in Japan which adherer’s to tranquility and self-control. Meeting Kiyoko Ashida was something he didn’t anticipate nor that his feelings would grow after meeting the mysterious beauty. But can Jaime find this mysterious artifact and save the woman he has grown to love?

For a reader like me, the Soul Gatherer series is one wild ride with each book and I got to admit, I really enjoyed SURRENDER TO DARKNESS a lot. The author incorporated Japanese culture into the storyline perfectly and kept me riveted to the pages. The story is very intriguing, kept my attention and left me breathless. Ms. McCleave is one author who knows how to keep a reader highly entertained. There were a few sub-plots that kept me entertained as well and gave the story some depth as well. The story flows nicely, keeps the reader glued to t he pages and the characters are very well written. This is an author who knows her world very well and captures its many forms within the story.

Meet immortal Jamie Murdoch. The new leader of the soul gatherers wants Jaime to calm down and get a handle on his berserker issues as they are causing havoc withhis soul gatherer job. He is hot headed, lets his rage overcome his senses and more. After causing one too many disasters, being sent to Japan was the least of Jaime’s issues at the moment. I really enjoyed Jaime. He tries so hard to keep a level head yet he can’t quite get the measure of calm he needs. Going to Japan where they revere in control and tranquility seems like a place to get that for Jaime. Jaime is one character I can’t help but feel for. He is sweet, determined and when he meets Kiyoko, a woman who hides a very big secret from Jaime, sparks fly. Especially once Jaime finds out what she is hiding. The connection between Jaime and Kiyoko is enjoyable to read and see. Kiyoko’s sense of peace and calm helps Jaime’s berserker aspect and gives him a measure of control he so desperately needs. All the characters are well written and quite enjoyable.

SURRENDER TO DARKNESS is one of those stories that delivers more than boy meets girl, fights bad guys and lives happily ever after. It is a story of two souls finding one another, where one gives the other something they need or are looking for. If you are looking for a great paranormal series to enjoy, then try Ms. McCleave’s Soul Gatherer novels. I do recommend that you read books one and two first to get a better understanding of this world. I look forward to seeing what happens next for the soul gatherers and their battle with the demons.

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