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A Pennyroyal Green Series Novel
October 30th, 2012
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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For Countess Evie Duggan being notorious is hard to deal with. She went from being a Covent Garden to courtesan to Countess and the Ton hasn’t forgiven her for her very short marriage. So when she finds herself in the midst of a scandal that has gossips eager to spread the news, no matter if it is true or not, and Evie escapes to Pennroyal Green, where she has a manor house.

In Pennyroyal Green, Vicar Adam Sylvaine is a man with a face of an angel and sexy as sin. He tries to resist the wildness of the Eversea blood that courses through him but even he finds himself tempted when Evie takes up residency at the Manor. Can these two find a way to face their pasts and see if they have a future together? For when two hearts come together, pleasure and love are bound to follow.

I really have enjoyed past Pennyroyal Green novels in the past but when I started this latest one, I was a little unsettled on the whole Vicar character. It felt to me a little like the author was pushing the boundaries to see what her readers would enjoy. The book as a whole is fun, entertaining read and once I got past the part of Adam being a man of the cloth, I found myself enjoying their story. The author has a way of writing that has readers experiencing the emotions alongside the characters. The storyline flowed well though it did get stagnate at times and I was flipping pages to see if it would speed up again.

What didn’t work for me was how Evie and Adam reacted to one another at times. There are parts of the book where Evie is like a doormat and lets Adam treat her like a child among other things that really made me shake my head. Evie, in the beginning, was smart, strong and determined and for her to let Adam do t his was not enjoyable in my opinion. I would have smacked that man silly if he ever did that to me. Adam also had moments where it just wasn’t believable. I read a few of the past Pennyroyal Green books and those characters are ones I would expect the bad boy antics from the other Eversea characters not good boy next door, Adam and that threw  me off the story at times. Especially when Adam would act like the bad boy his cousins are and it felt like he was going against his character. The secondary characters kept the story moving nicely and were well written.

A NORTORIOUS COUNTESS CONFESSES is a nice addition to the Pennyroyal Green series but not my favorite. If you want to check this author out I would check out the other books in the series first and enjoy those. This one just fell a bit flat to me. 

This is an objective review and not an endorsement


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