Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Announcing the 2013 Golden Roses!

The Golden Roses are Back!

Since 2001 the LoveRomances and More Golden Roses have been one of the most coveted award for authors on the internet. LR&;M was among the first contests to look for excellence in writing and marketing. Over the past few years many contests have sprung up, and many popularity contests have emerged.

For our 12th annual Golden Rose Award we will again be running a contest to find out who is the best of the best in writing. We will again this year have five categories with a maximum of 10 entries in each category.

~Contemporary Romance
~Paranormal/Sci Fi
~Romantic Suspense/Mystery

One staff reviewer will judge each book, with 3 additional judges per category. We have a comprehensive, yet easy to complete score sheet for each category. At the end, all votes will be tallied for a "best of" in each of our five categories.

Do you like to read and have time to read 4-5 books by between May 3rd and June 3rd? Would you like to help judge the LR&M Golden Roses?

CAVEAT: Some entries may be M/M, F/F or menage trois. All judges must be 18+ and agree to be impartial to friends, family and other authors.

Want to be a judge? Email with your preferred genre, followed by your second choice. You will be invited to join a private yahoo group where information will be shared. Books will be emailed privately when our reading period begins (approximately May 1st, or when a category becomes filled).

Want to enter a book? Email to receive a entry form! We will send you an entry form with further details!

*This contests is only open to books published for the first time in 2012
*You must have full rights of the book to send for contests/reviews
*You will need to provide LR&M with 5 copies of the book or the rights to duplicated an e-copy
*All entry forms and $5 entree fees are due by May 3, 2013
*All books must be received by May 3, 2013
*Winner's Name, Bio and Book Cover and blurb will be listed on website!
*All winner's will also receive a button that can be posted on their website announcing they have won!

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