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BOUND AFTER MIDNIGHT by Sascha Illyvich, Margie Church and Bonni Sansom

Sizzler Editions/Amazon Digital
February 20th, 2013
BDSM Paranormal, Anthology
E-book ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (love2read28@gmail.com)
Obtained by Author


Three hot and sexy stories set within the world of the paranormal. The darkness surrounds you as you try to ignore the red eyes, the feeling of being watched and as you finally succumb to the darkness, pleasure awaits in ways you only imagined. Get ready to be BOUND AFTER MIDNIGHT.

First up is Finding Eternity by Sascha Illyvich. When a vampire saves warrior Solan, he finds himself drawn to the beauty even as he tries to resist the desire she causes in him. All he knows is fighting but when he loses Katherine, the woman he has grown to love, he finds that life is more than fighting. It is about love, hope and more.

This first story really was a hit or miss for me. I was a little confused by the setting. At first I thought it was in the past but then the future then back to the past….well you get the idea. It was never clear where the story was set and wished it was a bit more clearer though I do have to admit, I really liked the character development in this story. In novellas, that aspect is a hit or miss in my opinion as well but Mr. Illyvich delivers a some intriguing characters to enjoy. The story was extremely hot so I warn you, get those ice cubes or warn your significant other because it is about to be one hot night.

The next story is Cream on the Crop by Margie Church. When a politican’s daughter escapes to her newly bought farm, she doesn’t expect to find a ghost or desire.

I absolutely loved this one. Margie Church delves into the world where a ghost can martilize at will, seduce Neha and both find the love they long for. This is one hot story. Lots of sexy bdsm action and the reader are drawn into this story completely. I loved the connection between Neha and Jamaal and found their characters to be well written.

Finally we have Bonni Sansom’s Hunter’s Bounty. Vampire Lana is tasked to finding Devon’s sister and in the process finds a man who she can fall in love with, if she just let’s herself believe in it again.

I got to admit, I loved this one the most. Ms. Sansom’s story is a roller coaster of a ride that leaves you breathless. The sex scenes are hot and the story flows at a nice even pace. I loved the connection between Lana and Devon and the twist at the end left me shocked. A very nice ending to this hot anthology.

Overall, BOUND AFTER MIDNIGHT gives the reader three lovely tales of the paranormal that will surely heat your night up. I do recommend keeping a towel near by or your partner for this anthology is one hot read from start to finish. Though the stories vary in strength, put it all together and all three novellas are a satisfying read to soothe any reader who needs their paranormal &/or BDSM fix. I look forward to more from these three authors in the future.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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