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Three River Ranch #2
Entangled Publishing, February 2013
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ISBN 978-1-62266-873-1
Contemporary Romance

Roxanne Snopek’s HIS RELUCTANT RANCHER is a story of love, courage, perseverance and family unity.

When Desiree Burke’s skills as a physical therapist are questioned at work, she jumps at the offer to come to the aid of a family that has just been through a horrific accident and attempt to rehabilitate the patriarch of the family.  Now she just has to face the rancher she butted heads with when her best friend decided to give up city living to be a rancher’s wife.

Zach Gamble came out relatively unscathed after a car crash left his father paralyzed, his brother dead and him with a severe case of survivor’s guilt.  He isn’t exactly looking for love, but then he never would have expected to find it in the little spitfire who tried to put a stop to his best friend’s wedding.

Roxanne Snopek’s HIS RELUCTANT RANCHER is a touching and heartwarming story of courage and perseverance.  The book tells the love story of Desiree and Zach while telling the bigger story of a family’s difficulties adjusting to life after a horrific car accident.  Zach feels guilty for surviving virtually unscathed.  His father is left paralyzed and with his own heavy dose of survivor’s guilt.  Zach’s mother is grieving the loss of her other son and his sister is just plain difficult.  It is a good thing that Desiree is used to dealing with trying personalities.  Although she simply could not understand why her best friend would leave behind her city life to marry a rancher, when the call comes for help, Desiree finds the timing too perfect to pass up.  She may be a city girl, but giving up is simply not in her makeup. 

The storyline moves along at a nice pace and is emotionally charged.  Readers will feel the frustrations, despair and growing hope as the story unfurls and Des and Zach begin to explore their growing attraction just as Zach’s family begins to see the first signs of hope that all will turn out well for all of them.  The lesser characters are warm and engaging and integral to the storyline.

Romance fans looking for a heartwarming story of family, love and courage will find all that and more in Roxanne Snopek’s HIS RELUCTANT RANCHER.  Just remember to keep the tissues handy.  A few tears might need to be shed here.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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