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TOUCH OF POWER by Maria V. Snyder

The Healers, Book one
December 20th, 2011
Fantasy, Thriller, Romance
E-book Arc from Netgally
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Avry of Kazan has a unique gift of being able to save the sick and dying by laying her hands on them and taking their pain, injuries and diseases into herself. But instead of being revered for this gift, she is instead hunted, as healers like her are hunted and blamed for spreading the plague that has broken out in the Fifteen Realms, leaving many survivors in a chaos. Tired of running, Avry is shocked to find herself kidnapped by a rogue band of people who want her to heal their Prince and leader of the rogues but Avry is trying to see who to save and who to leave alone because the price of such healing is more than someone’s life…it could very be her own life as forfeit.

I absolutely adore Maria V. Snyder’s books and in her new series, we are treated to a world where plague has run rampant, destroying lands, people and more. Healers are reviled even as they try to save the sick and dying. This is one story that is a slow build up and I was tempted a few times to put it down and go read something else. But I kept at it and found myself falling in love with Avry as well as this band of rebels that she meets. This is an author who is a master at world building, of creating charismatic yet intriguing characters to fall in love with and a mix of genres that leaves you intrigued with each page turned. Ms. Snyder delivers a wonderful follow up series top her enjoyable Magic series with a series about Healers who can take the injuries and more of the sick and dying. Instead of being honored for their skills, they are hunted down, reviled and blamed for a plague that is decimating the Fifteen Kingdoms.

I got to admit I fell in love with Avry the moment she came upon the pages of TOUCH OF POWER. She is determined to help save as many people as she can, hunted for her gift and is one of many who just want to do good in her world. The characters are very well written, multi-dimensional and the reader is treated to quite a diverse cast of characters. The world is interesting, the magical world is intriguing and I was up late into the night racing to see what happens next for Avry and the rest of the characters in TOUCH OF POWER.

If you enjoy a unique blend of genres into a story that leaves you eager for more, then run to grab TOUCH OF POWER. I can’t wait to tackle book two next. This is by far one of my favorite fantasy series to read and can’t recommend it enough to other readers.

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