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Stories from the Range Series, Book Six
Dreamspinner Press
February 3rd, 2013
Western, Contemporary M/M
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher


For Gordon Fisher, mustering out of the marines has brought it’s own set of problems to deal with. Living out of his car, moving from place to place, running from something even he can’t remember, Gordon is down on his luck and the last of his money when he accepts a job from ecoterrorists to free malnourished animals on a ranch nearby. When one of the big cats takes a chunk out of Gordon, he finds himself at the mercy of Wally, Dakota and their friends on the ranch and Gordon is eager to redeem himself in the eyes of these nice people who are only helping the wild animals before finding new homes for them.

Mario doesn’t know whether to believe in Gordon or not. Still heartbroken over the way his ex left him for brighter pastures, he is drawn to Gordon and soon friendship turns to something more as these two wounded souls find a love worth fighting for…even as Gordon finds a place that soothes the soul and a love that will conquer all.

A VOLATILE RANGE is a strong story for a reader to enjoy. In this case, the author takes on PSDT within the pages of the latest range book. It is also more poignant as well as it takes place two years after Dokota’s dad dying and we find the ranch still around but the place has lost that spark that Dakota’s dad brought to the place. The author does an amazing job in keeping the reader updated with what is going on with Dakota, Wally and the rest of the range characters we met in past books as well as introducing some new ones in this one. You couldn’t help but feel for Gordon, who struggled with his PSTD as well as Mario who can’t seem to let go of his heartbreak. These two were perfect for one another in my opinion. Gordon felt soothed by the peace and tranquility of the ranch while helping in any way he could to dispel his bad first impression to everyone while Mario struggled to let his heart accept a new love.

 The author delivers such rich, diverse characters in his books that you can not help but fall in love with them. Gordon and Mario are wounded in ways that every person-vet or civilian- can know or have experienced in some way. With his tackling into such hard subjects such as Gordon’s PTSD as well as others in past books, he brings a depth to the storyline that amazes this reviewer each and every time I pick up one of this author’s books. I can say you will need some tissues with this one. I laughed, I cried, I cheered throughout the story and loved every bit of it.

With this next installment in the popular Range series, Mr. Grey delivers an emotional rich, character driven story that you are glued to the pages of. I know I always end up falling more in love with these characters-old and new ones. This is an author who knows how to weave a spell around the reader, to draw them into the story so subtly that you are blindsided when you reach the last page and see hours have passed in the day. A VOLATILE RANGE is a complex, emotional journey that will touch your heart and make you want more after you close the book. Mr. Grey is one of my favorite authors and I have a feeling of coming home for a visit when ever I open on of his books. If you enjoy character driven stories that are emotional as well as poignant then I recommend grabbing any of this author’s books.  I always love opening his books because of that feeling of belonging, of finding your home port so to speak. This is truly a masterful told story that a reader will enjoy time after time.

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