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A Pink Carnation Novel
New American Library (NAL)
January 4th, 2011
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher

Penelope Deveraux is shocked when the news of her hasty marriage creates a scandal and forces her to go to India so it can die down. What she finds in India is an exotic world where no one is what they seem. For there is a dangerous spy running around calling themselves the Marigold and their calling card-a venomous cobra. Penelope is drawn into this mystery of unraveling the spy while walking the lines in this strange new place. She can only trust one person-Captain Alex Reid, who really isn’t up to being a babysitter for two spoiled aristocrats. But Alex is taken in by Penelope’s charm and her uncanny ability to figure out this dangerous spy’s plans because if Penelope and Alex can not stop this mad man then the British Empire will be doomed.

I love the Pink Carnation series and in THE BETRAYAL OF THE BLOOD LILY is one pulse pounding ride from start to finish. I got to admit I am really enjoying Penelope, Lady Staines. She is determined, has this uncanny ability to figure out a spy’s master plan and she is quite likable. There is something for everyone in this latest book-action/adventure, romance, history and more.  The characters are exquisitely written, full of vulnerabilities and layers that the reader unwraps layer by layer with each page. The writing is tight, story moves fast and the reader is treated to a story that leaves you clamoring for more.

THE BETRAYAL OF THE BLOOD LILY is a fast moving story that takes you from merry London to the exotic background of India. Ms. Willig is a talented author who knows how to draw a reader in and keep them highly entertained even as they flip the pages as fast as they can in order to find out who is next. There is a ton of humor, intrigue to keep you guessing and a hint of romance to sooth the romantic in you. The dialogue between characters is wonderful, snappy and kept me on the edge of my seat regardless of who was ‘talking’ in the story. The only problem I found with this Pink Carnation story was the ending. It just felt off to me even though the storyline up till that point was a wild ride.

If you enjoy a bit of romance along with history in your books, then you got to try the Pink Carnation series. Each book is a stand alone title in the series but I recommend starting from the beginning to see how it all started. I look forward to more Pink Carnation books in the future.

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