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THE LADY MOST WILLING…by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James & Connie Brockway

A Novel in Three Parts
December 26th, 2012
Historical Romance
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher


Lord Taran Ferguson is fed up with his nephews. They refuse to marry and Taran feels it is time to take matters into his own hands. If his nephews won’t marry then it is up to him to secure his birthright by stealing four prospective brides. Four women who are as different as can be but add in a falling down castle, an angry duke and a severe highland storm, well things are about to get interesting….

Three of today’s premier historical authors (Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Connie Brockway) deliver a three part story that is a rollicking good time from start to finish. These are authors who know how to capture the readers’ attention and imagination and keep it till the very end. The characters are fun, intriguing and there are some parts of the story that had me laughing out loud from the antics of the characters.

Four ladies are kidnapped and brought to a highland castle. A storm is brewing and they are unable to be rescued before it hits. Thrown together these ladies make the best of it even as they try to figure out what the heck is going on.

Julia Quinn starts off the three part story with laughter, romance and more with a very angry duke and four kidnapped women. I have to admit, Ms. Quinn’s writing is fabulous. With the right mix of charm, humor and more, Ms. Quinn delivers a perfect introduction to the story told in three parts.

Then Eloisa James gives us a story of Byron and Fiona, a rake who is shocked by his uncle’s kidnapped brides fiasco and determined to not let this opportunity get away, he finds himself falling for Fiona, instead of her half-sister who should be perfect for him. Except the ‘fallen woman’ Fiona riles Byron up like no other woman ever has. Ms. James delivers a wonderful addition to this next part of the storyline. I loved these two together and felt Fiona tempered Byron’s stuffiness perfectly.

Then for the final swan song, we got Connie Brockway’s story of a woman determined to do the choosing in Cecily and the man she chooses, Robin, the one man she has fallen in love with at first sight. I really enjoyed this one as well. Ms. Brockway delivers a story of a woman determined to show her love to the one man who thinks he doesn’t deserve it. What ensues is a seduction of the self-proclaimed ‘Prince of Rakes’ that will tickle a readers’ heart.

Three stories by different authors and all three a perfect compliment to one another. Each author delivers a wonderful addition in THE LADY MOST WILLING…and I for one, hope these three do another three part story again. I really enjoyed this latest book by three of historical romance’s premier authors.

If you enjoy madcap fun, captivating characters and a story that is equally romantic and downright titillating, then grab THE LADY MOST WILLING…. And settle in for an afternoon of reading fun.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement.


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