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Welcome Susan Rae today and a Contest

Welcome to Love Romances & More Reviews, Susan Rae.  Please make yourself at home. Comfortable? Great…now let’s get down to business.

So tell us about yourself.  What got you interested in writing?  Who is your publisher?
My interest in writing started at a very young age.  Although my first thought of who I wanted to be when I grew up was a doctor—a pediatrician to be exact, I was a voracious reader and found myself gravitating more and more to the written word. I penned my first melodrama in fifth grade, not so different really than the romantic suspense I write now! In eighth grade I played the role of Jo in Little Women. By then, I felt it was type casting.  My first novel, heartbeats, was published originally in paperback by Berkley publishing.  I am currently with eBook publisher, Musa Publishing.

Tell us about your favorite character from your books.
Oh my, so hard to say.  They are all my children, my creations, and I love them all, even though some don’t always act in a perfect way.  I guess my favorites are the ones I happen to be working on at any given time, but my true first love has to be Drake, the hero in heartbeats. He isn’t a DeLuca by name, but a McGuire.  He came to live with his cousins at the tender age of six when his parents died in a car crash on Chicago’s Lake Shore Drive.  He turned out to be the perfect hero for Dr. Elizabeth Iverson, my heroine in heartbeats.

What was the first scene or character you started with when you began ICE blue?  
The first character would be Angela DeLuca, the youngest DeLuca sibling. I knew I wanted to write a sequel to heartbeats and I knew I had written a sibling who was a paramedic.  I actually had to go back into my own novel to find her name. As for the first scene, it was Angela finding an abandoned newborn of Chinese descent on her doorstep, although I have to say, the love scenes were percolating in my head, too, once I figured out who the hunky hero was going to be!

Tell us about your current/upcoming release.  What inspired it? 
The suspense plots for my novels are usually inspired by articles I read in the newspapers.  ICE blue, in particular, was inspired by articles on illegal immigration and human trafficking and also my fascination with medical and police procedures.  It’s awesome that I can write all these interests into my books.  The human factor is inspired by the people I know and meet and their stories of hardship and survival. 

What else would you like readers to know about you or your work? 
Only that I love a good sexy romance with a gritty suspense story, and that’s what I try to give readers with my novels. A try to bring a plot with a lot of meat to it and well developed characters that will bring joy, fear, laughter, and even tears to readers while possibly raising their awareness of things outside their normal everyday life.

Who’s more fun to write: bad boys or perfect gentleman and why?
Neither.  I think the most fascinating characters to write are flawed heroes—heroes with ghosts in their past who aren’t perfect, but do heroic things, sometimes in spite of themselves.  The same goes for villains—to me there is nothing more fascinating than a villain with a good side, too, but the devil wins out.  I guess that comes from my interest in psychology.

If you could meet any fictional character, who would it be and what would you do together?
Hmmm… I’ll say Achilles, from Troy, the movie version of Homer’s Iliad, especially if he really looked like Brad Pitt!  We’d go on adventures and spend some pretty amazing nights in the tent, before he got killed. (I think this is the reason as I chose Troy as the name for my hero in ICE blue!)  Or, I could go with Legolas from The Lord of the Rings.  Basically, same reasons, but we would explore the fantastical world of Middle Earth together.

Out of all your books, do you have a favorite one?  If not, then which one is closest to your heart?
If you asked me a year ago, I would have said freefall, because I the idea for that novel came from my husband’s part ownership in an airplane repair shop and I picked his brain for the technical aspects.  Now, though, I will have to say, ICE blue, because I poured so much of the emotions from the experiences of my friends and family into it.

What character out of all your books is the closest to your personality?
I would like to say, Angela, from Ice Blue. Her heart is so big she can’t help but jump in to help others, even when it isn’t necessarily in her best interest.  I’m afraid, though, that I am more like Elizabeth from heartbeats.  I try to keep things under control, even though, I too, can sometimes have a heart that some people say is too soft.

Anything else you would like to add?
ICE blue is billed as DeLuca Family 2, but don’t let that throw you off.  Even if you haven’t read heartbeats, you can enjoy ICE blue.  Each novel has its own hero and heroine, and a romance and suspense storyline that is complete within the novel.

Thank you for being my guest today and may you have lots of sales.

Thank you, Dawn, for having me.  I’d also like to offer your readers a chance to win one of my novels in a giveaway.  If they go to me website,, in the next three days and leave a comment regarding something in this interview by Tuesday, May 7th, their name will be entered into a drawing to win an eBook of any one of my novels, their choice!

About Ice blue

When lives are on the line, sometimes the wrong thing is the right thing to do.
Born into a Chicago cop family, while her brothers get their rush from catching bad guys, paramedic Angela DeLuca gets hers from saving lives.  A tough beauty with a heart perhaps too big, Angela champions the underdog because, as the youngest of six siblings, she often felt like one.
ICE Special Agent Troy Deavers became a cop to prove he wasn’t like his father—a southern politician who brought his family down with greed and corruption. Troy doesn’t suffer victims well.  At first intrigued by Angela’s passion, he soon fears that the fire in Angela’s heart will be her undoing.
What happens when Troy falls in love with the lovely but infuriating Angela, the Chicago paramedic who insists on protecting a young witness and her unborn baby—a witness who could break his case wide open?
If you haven’t met the DeLuca’s yet in heartbeats, get to know them in ICE blue.

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