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WHEN THE DUKE FOUND LOVE by Isabella Bradford

The Wylder Sisters Series Book 3
Ballantine Books
November 27th, 2012
Historical Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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The last of the Wylder Sisters is left unmarried. Lady Diana is the youngest Wylder girl and also the most willful, a trait that has caused a few close encounters with scandal. Her family is determined to marry her off very quickly before Diana causes another scandal. But in one night a mysterious stranger scorches her with a sizzling kiss that will have Diana risking everything for another taste….her life, her reputation and her heart.

I really enjoyed WHEN THE DUKE FOUND LOVE. This was the first book of this author’s I have read and found her writing style to be quite enjoyable.  The author does a great job in creating characters that fairly brim with life and practically leap off the pages. The story is fast paced, flows smoothly and I really enjoyed the interactions between characters, especially the wild and exasperating Diana. I haven’t read the previous books in this trilogy but found I was able to follow the storyline pretty well even with a few mentions of Diana’s sisters’ stories. The author does a good job in creating a story that lets the reader escape into something very enjoyable if at times a bit predictable but that is the charm of this latest book by Ms. Bradford.

Meet Diana Wylder. She is the youngest of the Wylder siblings and also the most willful. She has come close to ruining her reputation several times and her parents are finally fed up with her antics. With a marriage to dull and stuffy Lord Crump, they hope she will settle down once she is married. But sometimes life has a way of making a chosen path unappealing. Diana is a wonderful if at times exasperating young lady. She drives her family nuts, has had more close calls than anyone she knows and she still longs for something….something she can’t quite reach…until a surprising kiss from a stranger at a gala leaves Diana turned inside out and intrigued at the same time. I loved Diana even if at times she felt quite predictable. There is a place for wild behavior and it seemed Diana was always wild, willful, etc. There was very few times where she actually thought something out before acting on her impulses.  It was the Duke of Sheffield that rocked my world. He was sweet, had a heart of gold and had a few rakish tendencies to counter the stuffiness he would otherwise have. His dog as a character was also quite charming and left me smiling at times. The interactions between these two main characters were wonderfully well written and you could see the sparks fly each time they crossed paths.

WHEN THE DUKE FOUND LOVE is a light fluffy read that a reader will enjoy on a rainy afternoon. The author does a great job in capturing the essences of her main characters as well as giving the whole cast of characters a personality that left me reaching for books one and two to read next. The ending is a bit predictable but I highly enjoyed the entire book immensely. I look forward to seeing what else this author has up her sleeves for her readers next.

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