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The Ex-Trophy Wives Series, Book One
Berkley Sensation
December 7th, 2010
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher


For Maxine Cambridge, life was as perfect as it seemed. Until one day it all blew up in her face. Now she lives with her mother and teenage son in a retirement village and with no job, skills or anything, life just took a turn from easy street to hard knocks avenue. When Max meets up with a former classmate, she finds her inner mojo and as she rediscovers herself as well as the strength to go up against her soon to be ex-husband, Max finds Campbell Barker has more to offer a woman than rescuing Maxine. Can Max let Campbell into her life even as she finds out that this white knight is determined to stay?

Wow, what a ride is all I can say. Ms. Cassidy delivers one wild, rollicking ride from start to finish in this introduction to her new series, The Ex Trophy Wives. There was humor, simmering passion, friendship and more laced throughout the story and I have to say, Ms. Cassidy’s writing is absolutely enjoyable. The reader is thrust into the world of where millionaire’s shed wives like a snake sheds it’s skin and when the reader meets Maxine, well lets just say you find yourself wishing you can help this down on her luck trophy wife. The characters are wonderfully intriguing. You have Maxine who has no skills, no job prospects and her life just imploded. Campbell is a very patient man who knows the Maxine he knew in school is still there, he just needed Max to find that girl again. The best friend and Max’s mother, Len and Mona, were a riot. You knew when these two came onto the pages, mayhem was sure to follow.

YOU DROPPED A BLONDE ON ME is a fun read, one that left me giggling at times until tears came down my face. I think my partner kept looking at me with a questionable look as I tried to stifle the laughter at times. Ms. Cassidy definitely blows the lid off her introduction into this new series of hers. I loved that the message that came through in the book was that love a second time around can be complicated, messy but oh so worth it when it is the right kind of love. Ms. Cassidy has become one of this reviewer’s go to author’s whenever I need a pick me up or a story with heart and soul. You know when you pick up one of this author’s books you know you are going to get one wild story that will steal your heart when you are not looking. Now I can’t wait to check out the other books in this delightful series.
If you enjoy a dose of humor, romance and more with your stories, then I highly recommend grabbing this author’s books. I can guarantee you will be a fan for life after reading just one book.

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