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An Eternity Springs Novel, Book Seven
Ballantine Books
March 26th, 2013
Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
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Savannah Moore is looking for a fresh start and thinks she has found it in Eternity Springs. But she doesn’t contemplate meeting Sheriff Zach Turner and making the worst first impression on him. Savannah has secrets that she doesn’t want others to know as well as trust issues to boot but as the power of Eternity Springs works on her, she finds more than she was looking for. The question is will she be able to let go of her fears and trust in the one person who would move heaven and earth for her?

I have to admit Emily March’s books are stories that I love to read. They are full of heart and you feel like you are coming home after a long time away. The cast of characters are enjoyable and very well rounded. I really enjoyed catching up with some of my favorite characters plus we meet some intriguing new ones that I am really hoping show up in future books. The stories are absolutely wonderful, filled with emotional moments that leave a tear in your eye one moment to laughing at someone’s antics the next. When you read one of the Eternity Springs series books, you know you will find yourself falling in love with the characters as well as this charming small town.

Meet Savannah Moore. A Georgia transplant, she is hoping this move to the sleepy small town of Eternity Springs will finally help her start over without looking over her shoulder for trouble to find her. But she never anticipates Sheriff Zach Turner stealing her heart or that her past will come back to haunt her in ways she doesn’t see coming. I love, love, love Savannah and Zach together. Savannah doesn’t trust easily and is wary of letting anyone into her world but Zach Turner just charms her even as he woos her with thoughtful gestures, surprises and more. These two are so perfect for one another though the complications that Savannah kept tossing in front of Zach had me wishing to smack some sense into her a few times. But that is what makes this series so wonderful. The characters are flawed, relatable and enjoyable. I really enjoyed how Zach stood by Savannah’s side time and again, as a friend, a lover and finally as someone who believes in her, something Savannah is afraid to believe in. Zach is a strong, honest man and to say I felt Savannah completed him would be an understatement. These two had sparks the minute they landed eyes on one another. I was afraid the book would catch on fire at times.

REFLECTION POINT is more than a story of two people falling in love. It is about forgiveness, of letting yourself trust in someone and to believe you have the right to happiness even as you try to avoid it at all costs. Emily March is a very talented storyteller and her Eternity Springs series is one series you can enjoy no matter where you start in the series though I would start from the beginning to get the full brunt of the charm that is Eternity Springs. I can’t wait to see where this author will go next and who will show up in Eternity Springs, looking for their heart to heal.

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