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SEA GLASS ISLAND by Sherryl Woods

An Ocean Breeze Novel, Book Three
Harlequin MIRA
May 28th, 2013
Contemporary Romance
Advance Reading Copy/e-book
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher via Netgalley


Samantha Castle has worked hard trying to make it as an actress in New York City but with her two sisters finally finding their own happily ever after, Samantha finds herself at a crossroads. Does she take a chance and forge a new path in North Carolina Shores or does she hightail it back to the city to see if her dreams of one more great job is in the cards for her? What happens when a meddling family decides that her teenage crush, Ethan Cole, is the perfect man for her and pushes them together time and again? Can two lonely people find a way to one another and let their hearts capture that happily ever after?

Sherryl Woods delivers another stellar story in her Ocean Breeze Trilogy with the story for the final sister, Samantha Castle, finding her path to her heart’s desires in the form of sexy doctor and local war hero Ethan Cole. Ms. Woods delivers a wonderful story of two people finding their way to one another-abit with the help with Samantha’s sisters and grandmother of course, as well as ties up a few loose storylines that leaves the reader with a smile on their face after that last page is read. The story flows nicely and I loved getting back to the North Carolina shore of Ocean Breeze and finding out how Emily and Boone, Wade and Gabi as well as Cora Jane’s romance. As with all of Ms. Woods stories, you have a feeling of home whenever you open one of th is author’s books.

In SEA GLASS ISLAND, we finally see the final sister get her happily ever after though not with a little help of her meddling family or without getting her heart bruised as well. Samantha Castle is tired of trying to make it in New York City. The prospects are drying up and now parts that should go to someone her age are going to actresses in their twenties. With her sister’s wedding just two weeks away, Samantha has to decide where to go from here- back to the grindstone of auditioning and dealing with rejection or to something else.  I really enjoyed Samantha’s story the most. Not only do we see how far all the characters we have grown to love since book one, Sand Castle Bay, but we also see how Cora Jane’s romance is going on as well as some new faces to enjoy as well. The author does a wonderful job in showing the reader Ethan’s fears as he tries to resist Samantha but as he finds out, there is more to this woman than he even imagines and he finds himself falling in love with her even as he tries to keep his heart away from heartbreak he is sure to follow. Ethan is a man who doesn’t trust love especially as his own experience left a lasting impression with him and not in a good way either. The sparks between Samantha and Ethan are quite hot as well as their growing connection. Besides their growing attraction, the reader is also treated to a new romance that surprises everyone as well as complications from another pair of lovers. I really enjoyed finding out more about some secondary characters and loved spending time with this close knit family.

SEA GLASSS ISLAND is a warm, entertaining story that leaves a smile on your face even as you wish for more from these wonderful characters. With her trademark style, Ms. Woods delivers the warmth, love and more that this reader, as well as others, has grown to love. I can’t wait to see what this author has next in store for us and hope that she returns to Ocean Breeze in the future. I would love to see how my favorite characters are doing.

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