Wednesday, June 5, 2013

TIGER MAGIC by Jennifer Ashley

Shifter’s Unbound Book 5
Berkley Sensation, June 2013
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN 978-0-425-25121-7
Paranormal Romance


The fifth book in Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series, TIGER MAGIC, is a paranormal romance with a bite.

When Carly Randal’s borrowed car dies on the side of the road, the extremely well built man that comes to her rescue is far more than meets the eye.  Tiger knows Carly is his mate as soon as he sees her.  Now he just has to convince her.

Tiger has spent most of his life caged in a laboratory where he was poked, prodded and tortured in the name of science.  Now, he is desperately trying to fit in with the other shifters in Shiftertown.  His character is easy to empathize with as he has been put through torture and just wants to fit in and learn of his origins.  But with no other tiger shifters to learn from, he must learn how to keep a low profile first and foremost.

Carly Randal thought she was set to marry the right man, right up until she finds him with his pants around his ankles with a strange woman wrapped around him on his kitchen counter.  And now, the hunky guy who rescued her earlier in the day is claiming she is his mate.  Carly is tempted to believe him.

Jennifer Ashley’s TIGER MAGIC reads very much like Lora Leigh’s Breed books.  Tiger has been bred in a laboratory and has been tortured in the name of science.  And like Leigh’s breeds, Tiger too immediately knows Carly is his intended mate the moment he first meets her.  Soldiers and those wanting to use Tiger for their own ends refuse to leave him alone.  This too is a common thread in Leigh’s breed books.  This reader thoroughly enjoys Leigh’s breed books, so it comes as little surprise that this reader also thoroughly enjoyed TIGER MAGIC.  Though not terribly original, the danger, the conflict, the chase scenes, and the heated love scenes with Tiger and Carly all lead to one fast-paced and exciting book.

Reviewed by T. Barringer

"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."


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