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Book One in Trilogy
Berkley Sensation
June 4th, 2013
Historical Romance
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
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For three princesses, danger stalks their every move. When their uncle devises a plan to keep them safe, they agree to the plan, no questions asked. For Princess Emilie, taking risks is so not her. Quiet, scholarly, she has avoided adventure and risks like the plague but when she is forced to abandon the life she has made for herself, well, let’s just say adventure nips at Emilie’s feet. Forced to disguise herself as a governess, she finds work at the Duke of Ashland’s estate. There is something to this scarred man that draws her to him. She longs to discover his secrets behind his forbidden personality. The Duke of Ashland is intrigued by his son’s governess and as he teaches her about lust, she teaches him about love. But what happens when secrets are exposed….will the duke find a way to keep Emilie safe while battling his own demons?

HOW TO TAME YOUR DUKE is the introduction to a trilogy full of rogues, scoundrels and brave heroines. Ms. Gray delivers a wonderful action packed story that has you on the edge of your seat and eager for more in the end. The writing is tight, story flows swiftly and never sputters and the characters are quite enjoyable as well as well written. The author does a great job in keeping the reader glued to the pages and there are a few twists that had me breathless. The sparks fly between Emilie and the duke…so much so I was half expecting the book to go up  in flames from all the sexual tension that was mingled throughout the story.

Juliana Gray is a talented storyteller who delivers a story full of heart, romance and more for the reader to enjoy. The dialogue between characters is witty and had me chuckling a few times as well. She also has some intriguing historical events sprinkled within the story and I never felt like I was back in school with a lot of facts being shoved down your throat. This author has a way to bring history alive within HOW TO TAME YOUR DUKE and does so in a way you can’t help but be intrigued by it. But by far, the characters are the stars of the show. They are multi-dimensional, enjoyable and quite entertaining. From light moments to dark ones, Ms. Gray’s characters in this book charmed me from the moment they stepped onto the pages of HOW TO TAME YOUR DUKE. The pacing of the story was perfect-not too much action or romance. It was the perfect blend of action, adventure and more that had me enthralled. This was by far a wonderful story to read and I am eager to catch up with the next book. I just hope the author doesn’t have her readers waiting a long time for it.

If you enjoy and enjoyable historical romance with intrigue, action and more, then try Juliana Gray’s HOW TO TAME YOUR DUKE and settle in for one rollicking adventure of your own.

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