Monday, July 8, 2013

RELEASE by Beth Kery

Berkley Sensation
April 2nd, 2013
Erotic Contemporary Romance
Mass Market Paperback
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher


Genny loves her husband Max but there is just something about the new COO, Sean, of her husband’s company that revs her engines. When Max offers to bring her fantasy of a night with Sean, Genny jumps at the chance to experience this passion she feels for him. But what happens after changes things between the three as secrets, mysteries and more as danger looms and passion simmers.

Wow, Ms. Kery delivers one hot story from start to finish in RELEASE. If you don’t like lots of explicit sex scenes in your stories then don’t pick this one up. The sex scenes are all well written and run the gamut of sensual to blindingly hot throughout the book and the story is, at times, taken a back seat to those scenes. The storyline flows choppy at times though I do have to admit when that happens the author does a great job in getting back on track so it wasn’t a bad thing per say. The characters are the key to RELEASE. Sean is down right sexy as sin and definitely peaked my interest. Genny was a strong heroine who was a perfect foil for Max and Sean. I liked her scenes with them even when they had very little on.

The author does a good job in keeping you intrigued with these three characters and the mystery aspect of the storyline was written rather well. The sex scenes run from kinky to tender and everything in between. I do recommend a bucket of ice or your significant other nearby to help cool you down after reading RELEASE. This is truly one scorching hot read.

Meet Genny, Max and Sean. Genny is bored with her sex life with her husband, Max and when she meets the new COO at her husband’s firm, well lets just say sparks are flying all over, it was a miracle the firemen were not called. These three fit perfectly together and apart. They were strong characters and I thought they were written really well. Genny finds herself widowed after Max’s death and this is where the story really evolves. The reader gets a glimpse of Genny who is strong, able to stand on her two feet and is determined to uncover the truth of Max’s death. Sean is a man you just want to gobble up-with chocolate sauce. He is smoldering, in love with Genny and one hell of a dominant. The author does a wonderful job in capturing these characters vulnerabilities and more within the pages of RELEASE and I was rooting for Genny to find her happily ever after with Sean by mid-way of the book.

RELEASE is a wonderful erotic romance that will leave you flustered, hot and ready to cool down in any way you can. This is a perfect afternoon read on a rainy day. Ms. Kery delivers a wonderful story to curl up and enjoy.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement

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