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THIEF OF SHADOWS by Elizabeth Hoyt

Book Four in the Maiden Lane Series
Grand Central Publishing
June 26th, 2012
Historical Romance
Paperback ARC
Reviewed by Dawn (
Obtained by Publisher

Winter Makepeace has a secret life. By day he is the headmaster at a foundling school and when the darkness comes, he turns into the Ghost of St. Giles-judge and jury to keep the innocent safe from harm. But when the ghost is beaten and wounded, his rescue will bring his two worlds together and the woman who will steal his heart. Lady Isabel Beckinhall enjoys a challenge. So when she is asked to tutor at Home’s manager on ways of the ton, she finds herself wondering why he seems so familiar. These two will battle their wills against one another even as their passion explodes between them. But danger lurks around the corner for the home and Winter will have to decide to solve the mystery and give up everything for his secret life or let everything die down with his secret identity safe?

I really enjoyed THEIF OF SHADOWS a lot. The characters were well written, the story flowed nicely and the author delivers a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This was the first of two books I read in the Maiden Lane series and I am eager to check out the first three books to see if they measure up to  this one. Ms. Holt has way of keeping her readers glued to the pages and I was no exception. Her writing literally transforms the setting around you till you feel you are right beside Isabel and Winter as they try to deny their hearts desire even as they spar together.

THIEF OF SHADOWS delivers a fast paced storyline with a few twists to keep you entertained as well as glued to the pages. I really enjoyed Winter a lot. One he was a nice guy who comes across as boring, stuffy and a host of other words to describe him. But when he is injured, well let’s just say these two find themselves battling not just one another but also themselves. I really liked how the author gives you a way into seeing these character’s hearts and souls. She brings Winter’s desires and more alive within the pages and makes him a well rounded hero to fall in love with. It was like there was two personalities inside him and I really liked how he stepped off the pages and into my living room. Isabel on the other hand I had a hard time enjoying at times. Sometime sshe came across as hard and at times, unfeeling but by mid-way in the book, I found myself enjoying her battles with Winter as well as her desire to stay away from him romantically even as her heart decides Winter is just perfect for her. The simmering sexual tension just adds another layer to the story that made me almost want to jump in a cold shower that was how hot the sex scenes were.

THIEF OF SHADOWS is an enjoyable, entertaining read that left me eager for more. Even though I started mid-way in the Maiden Lane Series, I never felt like I had to play catch up. Ms. Holt does a great job in showing her readers the back stories of the first three books within the storyline of THIEF OF SHADOWS. This book pulls you in and doesn’t let you go until after the last page is read though I was racing to check out books one to three to see how it all began.

If you enjoy a dash of romance, a battle of wits and mystery at your fingertips, then grab THIEF OF SHADOWS and settle in for one wild ride. I look forward to seeing where the author goes next in this series.

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