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BIG SKY SUMMER by Linda Lael Miller

Parable, Montana Series, Book Four
May 28th, 2013
Western/Contemporary Romance
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Reviewed by Dawn (
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Walker Parrish is blindsided when Casey Elder, the one woman who makes him downright crazy, is back in Parable and with her two kids….the two she had with Walker. Now the gloves are off as Casey finds that she has to tell the truth to her kids, that Walker isn’t just a family friend but also their father. Casey and Walker find that the passion still flares hot between them but can these two find a way to come together before something happens to destroy their newfound romance? Casey and Walker will find that love has a way of making things a bit complex as well as just right in the end…that is if they have the strength to let their scarred hearts open up to the love each is yearning to give to the other.

BIG SKY SUMMER continues the Parable, Montana series and this time we get Walker and Casey’s story and the reader is thrust in the world of celebrities, paparazzi and small time life as a rancher. Ms. Miller is a wonderful storyteller as she continues to weave her magic around her readers with a sweet story of two people who find that love can make them stronger than they ever thought…that is if they let themselves believe in it that is. The story weaves and flows around you with an expertise so subtle you can’t help but fall in love with the series like I did. The characters are well written, multi-dimensional and kept my attention through out the story. The writing is tight, story moves nicely and a few twists had me on the edge of my seat till the very end.

Meet Casey Elder. Country superstar and a mom of two kids who finds that her decision to keep their parentage a secret and keep Walker on the fringes has a way of blowing up in her face, especially as Walker is determined to be amore active role in his children’s lives. Casey and Walker struck sparks right from the beginning and I was eager to see how their story would pan out. Right away I was thrilled to see that these two belonged to one another and that their passion is one that had me sighing in delight at times…especially when Walker swept Casey off her feet and into his bed. I swear the room got a bit hot while reading that scene, I can attest. The past characters of the first three books make there way into the storyline as well and I enjoyed seeing where they went after their story was done. I really enjoyed seeing some new faces like Walker’s sister and a few others as well. I am just wondering who is next in the crosshairs for their happy ever after.

BIG SKY SUMMER is a sweetly romantic story of two people who must put their hearts on the line in order to find their happy ever after. It will take all their courage and strength to let their guards down and show each other their vulnerabilities as well as their hidden heart’s desires. This is an author who knows how to hook her readers from page one and deliver a story that leaves you spellbound till the very end. I loved how the author created sympathetic yet flawed characters that had fallacies like all humans do. No one was perfect that was for sure and that in itself was the draw for me in this series. Each character of the first four books were flawed, vulnerable and yet very intriguing as well. Ms. Miller shows how Casey’s decisions long ago had quite an effect on her children and on Walker. The scenes from that tell-all was perfect in my opinion. Nothing was all fixed within a few pages, it took time and the author showed how the choices Casey decided affected everyone around her, namely her children and Walker.

BIG SKY SUMMER is a perfect summer beach read for anyone who enjoys a sweet romance, a story full of enthralling characters and a romance that spans the pages. I can’t wait to see what happens next in Parable, Montana.

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