Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fiona McGier Covers Up


Beach or Mountains?  

Mountains.  I can only take beaches for a short time before the sand irritates places that sand doesn't belong in!  I love hiking in forests, and mountains usually are covered with forests.  Ah, smell that pine...

Volleyball or Surfing?

For me to be doing it, or watching?  Volleyball, I guess, since I'm too much of a klutz to even be able to water ski, so surfing is out of the question.  I even fall off inflatables being towed behind boats, and I'm not a very good swimmer.

Bein De Soleil or Coppertone?

I love the smell of Coppertone.  Reminds me of the summers when I was younger, before we knew what SPF was, and I'd get burned to a maroon color, blister, peel, then have a ton of new freckles along with a slight tan when it was all over.  The curse of being half-Scottish and having Celtic skin! 

Bikini or one piece?

When I met my husband I wore a bikini...but then he looked great in a Speedo back then!  One-pieces are too hard to pull on when camping, since it takes 20 minutes of tugging and sweating.  I prefer a tankini...the ones from Lands End never ride up or expose you.

Atlantic, Pacific or Mediterranean?

The only ocean I've ever seen was the Caribbean, so can I pick that one? It was salty and warm, and we went scuba-diving to see sting rays, sharks and lots of corals.

Whose book (not one of yours) are you looking forward to reading this summer?

I love Cynthia Sax for short, hot reads.  She's got some new ones out that I've been saving up for!


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