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THE HERO by Robyn Carr

A Thunder Point Novel, Book Three
Mira/Harlequin Books
September 2013
Contemporary Romance
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When Devon MacAllister decides to leave the commune she is in and take her daughter with her, she never anticipates that she would find safe harbor in small town of Thunder Point as well as some wonderful friends as well. Finally able to make a life for herself with a new job, friends and more, Devon finds that her past has a way of coming up behind you when you least expect it. It will take all of Devon’s strength as well as her faith in her new friends to save her daughter before the dust settles, Devon will find that bravery can come to the least likely of people….

THE HERO is a story full of twists, turns and a few new characters that had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. Ms. Carr has definitely had me on the rim of my seat a few times all through Devon’s story even as we see what happens with some past characters we met in The Wanderer and The Newcomer. The story flows nicely with a fast paced storyline that delivers a few twists that had me flipping the pages quickly to see what happens next for the residents of Thunder Point. This is an author who knows how to hook her readers and keep them guessing what happens next till the very end.

Meet Devon MacAlister. A young woman who got caught up in a commune, she now has a young daughter to look after and even as she tries to find a way out of the commune she once thought was a safe harbor for her. Devon is a woman who finds that Thunder Point is places for new chances, a place where she can raise her daughter in peace, maybe find that woman she was before everything that happened to her at the commune. Devon is a character that I loved right from the beginning. She was gutsy, strong when she needed to be and held a well of hope that she didn’t think she had. Meeting her as well as the rest of the commune characters brought a new direction into the story/series and gave it an edge that I really enjoyed a lot. The characters are intriguing, enjoyable and you can’t help but fall in love with them as you peel back their layers and see who they are behind the polite masks. Ms. Carr really does know how to create enjoyable and believable characters as she gives readers glimpses into the past characters we meet in books one and two as well.

The story of THE HERO isn’t just about Devon but also about the characters we met as well in the first two books too. With continued glimpses into their stories as well as seeing Devon find herself again, the reader is thrust into a world where people help people in need, where friendship is freely given and love is right there-if you are brave enough to grasp it with your hands and let life take over. Ms. Carr is a masterful storyteller who knows how to keep her readers glued to the pages and gives them a story that steals their heart. I am eager to see if this author will continue the Thunder Point Series and maybe see if some of my favorite secondary characters get t heir own happily ever after. If you enjoy a story that is full of complex yet enjoyable characters, a setting so lush you can’t help but yearn to visit and more, then take a look at THE HERO and settle in for an afternoon of reading pleasure.

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