Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Way to Hide, by Violet Joicey-Cowen

Publisher: Siren Publishing
Date published: August 2013
ISBN: 978-1-62740-308-5
Genre: M/M, Shifter, poranormal
Obtained via publisher
Reviewed by: Marieke


Jake Taylor and Daniel Brooks are hired by the Whithow Forest Pack with their company AlphaSec, to rescue the remaining paranormals that are still being held captive by the evil Michealson. They are mates but due to some misunderstanding on both sides they don’t know from each other that they are loved by the other.

The mission goes according to plan and all the paranormals are rescued. They are all staying at Jake and Daniel’s house, which leads to the fact that they have to share a room now. This puts a lot of strain on both of them and somehow they end up making love. This triggers the mating heat, but Daniel has to leave for a while and doesn’t know the consequences of that, because he’s human. Jake is in danger of turning feral.
There is a bit of overlap with the previous book, so you see some of the things that happened there from a different point of view. 

There are a lot of different kind of paranormals you get to meet in this book which is nice, but also a little overwhelming at times. The vampires are one of my favorites and I do hope they will get their own story. 

This book was, in my opinion, even better than the first one in the series. There was a really intense connection between Jake and Daniel and it was very well written. There is a lot of angst and passion in this second story. 

One thing was left unfinished which I hope will be worked out in the next book, because it kept popping back into my mind while reading. The ‘creature’ that was lurking in the forest at the pack BBQ. The one where you know Perry claims Charlie from the previous book.

This is not an endorsement, this is an objective unbiased review.

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