Monday, October 21, 2013


Publisher:  William Morrow

Date published:   September 17, 2013
Genre:   Mystery
Format:  Paperback
Obtained via:  Publisher
Reviewed by name and email address:  Gina

In the days after her husband’s death, Aunty Lee lived in a dark void. Bit by bit she returned to the world of the living and found that she not only had a special knack for preparing some of Singapore’s finest cuisine, but a way of reading people through their approach to food.  Known for tasty dishes visitors as well as locals come to her little café and dine on unique and fabulous dishes.  When step-son, Mark, comes to her with a plan to do wine centered dinners where he introduces special wines to go with different dishes she is ready to be there for him.  Each week new diners come, old diners return and new friendships, of a sort, form. On this particular week Laura Kwee who was to assist Mark doesn’t show. Some guests think her rude; others, like Aunty Lee, are concerned. After all, a body has washed up on Sentosa Beach—a woman wrapped in plastic. Aunty Lee has a feeling about the dead woman and is unable to tear her thoughts away from the crime.

How did this woman die?

Was it an accident?


Or murder?

When antoher woman turned up dead Aunty Lee cannot help but feel there is something more going on than two women dying in the same fashion. With her knack for studying people she begins to dig into the mystery of who the victims are and why were they killed.

Ovidia Yu, author of AUNTY LEE’S DELIGHTS is a new author to me. Ms. Yu has a warm and engaging story telling style. One gets the feeling that there is much of Aunty Lee’s ability to read and understand people in Ms. Yu. Or is it that there is much of Ms. Yu in Aunty Lee?  Either way, Ms. Yu has a wonderful writing voice; one I look forward to reading more of.

I enjoyed Aunty Lee’s relationship with her maid Nina—they reminded me a bit of Holmes and Watson in their give and take.

AUNTY LEE’S DELIGHTS is one of those stories that have several levels the reader can venture into while reading the story. It can be a simple mystery or some take readers into the inner workings of Singapore or delve into deeper aspects of relationships between men and women and those they fall in love with. The aspects of prejudice, jealousy and revenge are woven into the story and there for the reader to consider or to simply try to solve the mystery along with Aunty Lee.

I wasn’t quite prepared for why the murders were committed.  It took me a few pages to realized that yes, this is what the author is talking about…not because of her writing but because the concept was refreshingly new.

AUNTY LEE’S DELIGHTS appears to be a stand alone mystery. I hope it is not because I for one would enjoy more of Aunty Lee’s insights and crime solving.

This is an objective review and not an endorsement this book.

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