Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DIRE DESIRES by Stephanie Tyler

Eternal Wolf Clan series #3
Signet Books, July 2013
Obtained via:  publisher
ISBN-13: 9780451240019
ISBN-10: 0451240014
Urban Fantasy
*** ½

Stephanie Tyler’s DIRE DESIRES is a fast paced and exciting story of discovery and growth.

Jinx is a Dire wolf, an immortal shifter feared by humans and envied by werewolves.  Having been tossed from his pack by his king, Jinx is living with a vampire named Jez while he tries to fix the damage done when he accidentally let loose Purgatory’s monsters upon the earth.  When he discovered an unshifted Were was being held in a psychiatric hospital, he quickly arrives to get her out.

Gillian had no idea she was a Were, let alone a Dire wolf from the original Greenland pack.  She thought the changes she was experiencing were just symptoms of her mental illness.  Both Gillian and Jinx immediately recognize that they were made for each other.  But first Jinx has to defeat the monsters that threaten all of them.

Although this was the third book in Stephanie Tyler’s Eternal Wolf Clan series, it read quite well as a standalone story.  The author did a wonderful job of filling in the important parts of prior books without giving a long-winded retelling.  The characters were interesting and the story flowed nicely.  Gillian received and deserved all sympathies in this story.  She is going through some perfectly normal changes for a Dire wolf coming into her own.  Perfectly normal if you knew you were a Dire wolf, which Gillian did not.  The psychiatric hospital seemed a tough but easy to see solution to her erratic behaviors.  Jinx arrives at the hospital like a knight riding in to save the day.  He whisks Gillian away and explains just what is happening to her.  The chemistry between these two characters really made the story burst from the page.

The only real disappointment for this reader was that the book began somewhat mid-story and ended much the same way, loose ends were everywhere.  Of course this is the third book in a series, so I suppose it was to be somewhat expected.  All in all, Stephanie Tyler’s DIRE DESIRES was a romantic and fast paced urban fantasy that shifter lovers will thoroughly enjoy.

Reviewed by T. Barringer


"This is an objective review and not an endorsement of this book."

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